Murray has taken his orphan, Huldah, to Le Bocage; has adopted her I believe; at all events, is educating her." Edna's face grew radiant. "Oh! I am glad to hear it! Poor little Huldah needed a friend, and she could not possibly have fallen into kinder hands than Mr. Murray's." "There certainly exists some diversity of opinion on that subject.

As long as there exists no theory which can be sustained, that is, no enlightened treatise on the conduct of War, method in action cannot but encroach beyond its proper limits in high places, for men employed in these spheres of activity have not always had the opportunity of educating themselves, through study and through contact with the higher interests.

"It is partly a charity-school: you and I, and all the rest of us, are charity-children. I suppose you are an orphan: are not either your father or your mother dead?" "Both died before I can remember." "Well, all the girls here have lost either one or both parents, and this is called an institution for educating orphans." "Do we pay no money? Do they keep us for nothing?"

The truth was, he had a strong predilection for a country life; he was wearied with briefs and declarations; he loved above all things, the society of his accomplished wife, and he ardently desired to participate with her the happiness of educating their fine children; and besides, he had many little plans of utility and benevolence, such as are naturally suggested to an active and philanthropic mind on entering a new sphere of life.

When Jasmin overheard their conversation, he could scarcely conceal his tears. Old Boe determined to do what he could. He scraped together his little savings, and handed them over to the mother. But the money could not then be used for educating Jasmin; it was sorely needed for buying bread. Thus the matter lay over for a time. The old man became unable to go out of doors to solicit alms.

One flea attacking a dog is brave; one hundred fleas attacking the same dog are therefore one hundred times as brave. We really had to give the dog away, he was carrying so much bravery around with him all the time. Think of educating an animal with a brain about the size of the point of a fine needle! And that was what Professor Jocolino had done.

The Owen's College at Manchester; the Brown Library and Museum at Liverpool; the Whitworth Benefaction, by which thirty scholarships of the annual value of £100 each have been founded for the promotion of technical instruction; and the Scientific College at Birmingham, founded by Sir Josiah Mason, for the purpose of educating the rising generation in "sound, extensive, and practical scientific knowledge," form a series of excellent institutions which will, we hope, be followed by many similar benefactions.

Guy than that he might perhaps be educating his own wife, and insinuating that it would be a great "come up" for Grandfather Markham's child. But Maddy never dreamed of such a thing, and kept on her pleasant way, reciting every day to Guy and going every Wednesday to the red cottage, whither, after the first visit to Uncle Joseph, Guy never accompanied her.

It may even be suspected that when Nebuchadnezzar's Master of the Eunuchs had to give Babylonian names to the young Jewish princes whom he was educating, he designed to secure for one of them this powerful patron, and consequently called him Abed-Nebo the servant of Nebo a name which the later Jews, either disdaining or not understanding, have corrupted into the Abed-nogo of the existing text.

The doctor was ashamed of his mood, and could not tell what spirit prompted him to answer: "I am obliged to you, Guy; but as far as I am concerned, you may spare yourself the trouble. If my wife needs educating, I can do it myself." Guy was puzzled. Could it be that, after all, he was deceived, and the doctor did not care for Maddy?