"I can't digest my food with him sitting out there in the hall." Mrs. Pumpelly took control of the situation. "Have the man in, Simmons!" she directed grandly. And thereupon entered Officer Patrick Roony. Politely Officer Roony removed his cap, politely he unbuttoned several yards of blue overcoat and fumbled in the caverns beneath.

Roony; a gentleman scamp, known to every one as a most respectable character on town." "When I caught him going off without payment, he fairly laughed in my face, and offered to toss me." "Oh, the villain!" said Ned; "I only wish I had been there, Mrs. Mulroony, and you wouldn't have wanted what I am sorry to see you do want a protector.

Nothing short of this curious sympathy could have brought into close relations two young men so hostile as Roony Lee and Henry Adams, but the chief difference between them as collegians consisted only in their difference of scholarship: Lee was a total failure; Adams a partial one.

If you like, I'll repeat the man in the First's verses, and then I'm going. You'll excuse the metre? A poor, rough, unlearned cavalryman did it. "Fitz Lee, Roony Lee, Breathed and Stuart, Martin to help, and Heros von Borcke, First Virginia, Fourth, Ninth, two guns and a Legion From Hungary Run to Laurel Hill Fork,

"Oh, boy, lead me to it!" murmured Roony in the most approved manner of East Fourteenth Street. "Which way?" "Come with me!" intoned Simmons with the exalted gesture of an archbishop conducting an ecclesiastical ceremonial. "What does it say?" asked her husband hurriedly as the butler led the cop to it. "Sh-h!" warned Mrs. Pumpelly. "James, kindly retire!"

"That was fine writing when the Docthor wrote in the Phaynix, and he and Condy Roony blazed away at each other day after day." "And with powder and shot, too, as well as paper," says Morgan, "Faith, the Docthor was out twice, and Condy Roony winged his man."

"Beg pardon, madam," interposed Simmons, parting the Flemish arras, upon which was depicted the sinking of the Spanish Armada. "Officer Roony is back again with two more papers. 'E says it isn't necessary for him to see you again, as once is enough, but 'e was wondering whether being as it was rather chilly "

Roony Lee had changed little from the Virginian of a century before; but Adams was himself a good deal nearer the type of his great-grandfather than to that of a railway superintendent. He was little more fit than the Virginians to deal with a future America which showed no fancy for the past.

Roony Lee had changed little from the type of his grandfather, Light Horse Harry. Tall, largely built, handsome, genial, with liberal Virginian openness towards all he liked, he had also the Virginian habit of command and took leadership as his natural habit. No one cared to contest it. None of the New Englanders wanted command.

"What's all this?" inquired Magistrate Burke bewilderedly an hour later as Officer Murphy entered the police court leading a tall Syrian in a heavy overcoat and green Fedora hat, and followed by several hundred black-haired, olive-skinned Levantines. "Don't let all those Dagos in here! Keep 'em out! This ain't a moving-picture palace!" "Them ain't Dagos, judge," whispered Roony the clerk.