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Then, when the feminine element of the house gave signs of life, every nook would echo with cries, discordant voices, conversations shouted from one bedchamber to another, and out of the rooms, their hands armed with the night-service, would come the landlady, one of Dona Violante's daughters, a tall, obese Biscayan Lady, and another woman whom they called the Baroness.

'But Yossel is pious surely? A vision of the psalm-droners and prayer-shriekers in the little synagogue, among whom the hunchback had been conspicuous, surged up vividly. 'He may shake himself from dawn-service to night-service, he will never shake off his father, the innkeeper, said Frau Schneemann hotly.

What a burden from his soul. But he said: "You can't possibly leave before to-morrow." Out of the corner of his eye he saw the night-service officer regarding him quizzically. Then, startlingly, came Dot's next words: "I don't mean 'leave' that way." Anthony's hand clutched the receiver fiercely. He felt his nerves turning cold as if the heat was leaving his body. "What?"

The gossipy telephone is ahead of the street-cars; gas-works supply private consumers, while the citizens wade the unlighted streets by the glimmer of their own lanterns; innumerable cows contest the right of pedestrians to the board footways and what of pavement separates the mud-holes; an ice-manufactory supplies coolness to water peddled about in barrels; the officials outnumber the capacity of the jail; the ferry-facilities vary from an unstable leaky bateau to a dirty, open-decked dynamite steamboat, whose night-service is subject to the lung-capacity of the traveller hallooing for it, and the fares to necessities and circumstances; the fine brick improvements are flanked by frame tinder-boxes; the offal of the city has not a single relieving sewer: yet it is a beautiful, healthy place, and the chief city of the greatest mineral-district in the world.

Giraudier, pharmacien, has never seen these ghostly figures, but he describes them with much minuteness; and only the esprits forts of the Croix Rousse deny that the ghosts of Pichon & Sons are not yet laid. They were three. It was in the cheap night-service train from Paris to Calais that I first met them.

It might be a wire from Gloria telephoned over. "She say to get you. She call again ten o'clock." "All right, thanks." He picked up his hat and in a moment was striding beside the orderly through the hot, almost suffocating, darkness. Over in the headquarters shack he saluted a dozing night-service officer. "Sit down and wait," suggested the lieutenant nonchalantly.

The church in the house of Lydia was the normal type it must be anchored to woman's faith, and tenderness, and love, in the home. He visited San Francisco during my pastorate in 1858. On Sunday morning he preached a sermon of such extraordinary beauty and power that at the night-service the house was crowded by a curious congregation, drawn thither by the report of the forenoon effort.

These last words reverberated for him there was a shade of the portentous in them and they seemed to proceed from a larger knowledge of the subject than he himself as yet possessed. They were not absent from his memory when, in the beginning of May, availing himself, to save time, of the night-service, he crossed from Paris to London.