The shrill exclamation seemed to touch a chord of remembrance in the mind of Sir George Newnes. Nervously he grasped the arms of his chair, sitting very bolt upright, muttering: 'Can it be he, of all persons, at this time, of all times? Doyle glanced up with an expression of annoyance on his face, murmuring, to keep his memory green: 'A hundred and ten, a hundred and ten, a hundred and ten.

'I say, he replied sternly, 'that this man has been sending threatening letters to me. I have had enough of his menaces. 'Then triply bolt the door, advised Newnes, with a sigh of disappointment, leaning back in his chair. 'Do you take me for a man who bolts when his enemy appears? asked Doyle fiercely, rising to his feet. 'No, I will unbolt. He shall meet the Douglas in his hall!

The shamrock necktie, in addition to the waistcoat, indicates that the gentleman before me is both, and so I take it for granted that this is Sir George Newnes. How is your circulation, Sir George? 'Rapidly rising, replied the editor. 'I am glad of that, asserted the intruder, suavely, 'and can assure you that the temperature outside is as rapidly falling.

In Boston the law firm of Bowen & Hare was puzzling itself beyond reason in the effort to anticipate and circumvent the plans of the firm of Bosworth, Newnes & Grapewin, London, E.C.; while on the other side of the Atlantic Messrs. Bosworth, Newnes & Grapewin were blindly struggling to do precisely the same thing in relation to Messrs. Bowen & Hare.

It is only since 1899 that it has occupied its present building, which, with the site, was the gift of Sir George Newnes, Bart., M.P., and was opened by the late Lord Russell of Killowen, Lord Chief Justice of England.

"The will?" "No; the letter." Whereupon Mr. Bowen again read aloud the letter from Bosworth, Newnes & Grapewin, this time slowly and speculatively. "They seem as much upset by the situation as we," he observed reflectively. "Extraordinary state of affairs, I must say." "And I don't know what to do about it I don't even know how to begin. They're both married." "And not to each other."

I have "Walpole's Letters" in Newnes's "Thin Paper Classics," a marvellous volume of near nine hundred pages, with a portrait and a good index and a beautiful binding, for three and six, and I am exceedingly indebted to Messrs. Newnes for creating that volume. It was sheer genius on their part to do so. I get charming sensations from it, but sensations not so charming as I should get from Mrs.

The granddaughter of Jack Wyckholme, attended by two maids, her husband and his valet, a clerk from the chambers of Bosworth, Newnes & Grapewin, a red cocker, seventeen trunks and a cartload of late novels, which she had been too busy to read at home, was the first of the bewildered legatees to set foot upon the island of Japat.

'My dear Newnes, said Doyle, with the air of one from whose shoulders a great weight is lifted, 'a man may fall into the chasm at the foot of the Reichenbach Fall and escape to record his adventures later, but when two thousand volts pass through the human frame, the person who owns that frame is dead. 'You don't mean to say you've murdered him? asked Sir George, in an awed whisper.

That suit of armour in the hall spattered with mud shows it to be the casing the visitor wore. The blazonry upon it of a pair of scissors above an open book resting upon a printing press, indicates that the wearer is first of all an editor; second, a publisher; and third, a printer. The only baronet in England whose occupation corresponds with this heraldic device is Sir George Newnes.