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Nelson's confidence in himself and in his profession, and his accurate instinct that war cannot be made without running risks, combined with his lack of experience in the difficulties of land operations to mislead his judgment in the particular instance.

Then, after the lessons were over, there came the treat of the day a story read from one of those marvellous books kept on a shelf in a corner all by themselves. When at last the story had been finished and the class dispersed, Nellie locked the doors, and made her way to Vivien Nelson's. What a hearty welcome she received from them all! To Mr. and Mrs.

Her mind was overwrought and her young heart burdened with a multitude of troubles. Her night spent with 'Rill had not turned out just as she expected, that was sure. From her window she could watch the front of Mrs. Beaseley's cottage and she saw that Nelson's lamp burned all night. He was wakeful, too. It made another bond between them; but it was not a bond that made Janice any more cheerful.

Nelson's retort to Arbuthnot's successor, two years later, may be recalled. "You have come to a good station for prize-money." "Yes, but the West Indies is the station for honour." The visit to continental waters was on this occasion productive of little result. Contrary alike to Rodney's anticipations and those of Washington, De Guichen's whole fleet had returned to Europe.

Hearing nothing, I went as I had informed my superior officer I would do. On arriving at Clarksville I saw a fleet of steamers at the shore the same that had taken Nelson's division and troops going aboard. I landed and called on the commanding officer, General C. F. Smith. As soon as he saw me he showed an order he had just received from Buell in these words: NASHVILLE, February 25, 1862.

The value of the diamonds was several thousand dollars above Mr. Nelson's estimate. There followed vacation days of boating and bathing, with more picnics, and Grace had all the chocolates she wanted or at least all that were good for her. Tin-Back came in for a share of the reward, and bought himself, among other things, a new fish net.

It is reported that an officer of the "Boreas," speaking to him of the vexations and odium he had undergone, used the word "pity." Nelson's reply showed the profound confidence which throughout had animated him, keenly as he had undoubtedly felt the temporary anxieties. "Pity, did you say? I shall live, Sir, to be envied; and to that point I shall always direct my course."

He was brother to Lord Cornwallis, who surrendered at Yorktown, in 1781. That is, stopped. Whatever the cause, Nelson's visit to France ended prematurely and abruptly.

Yet, as has before been remarked, mere insight, however accurate and penetrating, ends only in itself, or at best falls far short of the mark, unless accompanied by Nelson's great power of disregarding contingencies an inspired blindness, which at the moment of decisive action sees, not the risks, but the one only road to possible victory.

Nelson's companion urged him to obey the signal, and, though their ammunition had given out, he longed to continue the fight. "Never mind," he cried excitedly; "do but let me get a blow at this fellow with the butt end of my musket, and we shall have him." Captain Lutwidge, seeing the boy's danger, he being separated from the bear only by a narrow chasm in the ice, fired a gun.

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