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In fact, the young Colonna, already chafed bitterly against his discreet and dignified rejection of Montreal's proffer, and recollecting with much pique the disparaging manner in which the Provencal had spoken of the Roman chivalry, as well as a certain tone of superiority, which in all warlike matters Montreal had assumed over him, he now felt his cheek burn, and his lip quiver.

The shock of Montreal's charge was like an avalanche his lance shivered into a thousand pieces, Adrian lost both stirrups, and but for the strong iron bows which guarded the saddle in front and rear, would have been fairly unhorsed; as it was, he was almost doubled back by the encounter, and his ears rung and his eyes reeled, so that for a moment or two he almost lost all consciousness.

A slight and scarce perceptible cloud passed over Montreal's countenance at these words; and he bit his lip ere he replied: "Yet if the Orsini be less scrupulous, their first exertion of power would be heard in the crashing house of the Colonna."

In the afternoon, I made Israel drive me through Jack's new-made path to break it down and open it still more, and Montreal's powerful trampling did good service to that effect, though he did not seem to relish the narrow wood road with its grass path by any means as much as the open way of what may be called the high road.

Ho, dark one from the golden South, Ho, fair one from the North; Ho, coat of mail and spear of sheen Ho, wherefore ride ye forth? "We come from mount, we come from cave, We come across the sea, In long array, in bright array, To Montreal's Companie." Oh, the merry, merry band. Light heart, and heavy hand Oh, the Lances of the Free!

By the Holy Sepulchre, he is precisely the enemy my soul leaps to meet! He has a genius worthy to cope with Montreal's. I have made myself master of his secret plans they are gigantic! In a word, the Archbishop designs the conquest of all Italy. His enormous wealth purchases the corrupt his dark sagacity ensnares the credulous his daring valour awes the weak.

Soon rose again the din, and the noise, and the wrangling, and the oaths, of the hostile bands, as, with pain and labour, the Vicar's officers marshalled them in "order most disorderly." But so true were Montreal's words to Adrian, that the populace already half forgot the young noble's generous appeal, and were only bitterly commenting on the ungracious silence of his brother Lords.

His keen eye read at a glance the aims and the characters of the brothers of Montreal he knew that while affecting to serve him, they designed to control that, made the debtor of the grasping and aspiring Montreal, and surrounded by the troops conducted by Montreal's brethren, he was in the midst of a net which, if not broken, would soon involve fortune and life itself in its fatal and deadly meshes.

We visited, among other things, some schools one, the Normal School, an extremely interesting one, where it is intended to train teachers, on Church-of-England principles. I was very much surprised and pleased with the amount of solid information and high attainments of the children, as evidenced by their composition, and answers to the Bishop of Montreal's very difficult questions.

Hastily Adrian endued his arms the air of the fresh morning, and the glad sun rising gorgeously from the hills, revived his wearied spirit. He repaired to Montreal's tent, and found him alone, with the implements of writing before him, and a triumphant smile upon his countenance. "Fortune showers new favours on me!" he said, gaily. "How! Have your bands then arrested Rienzi?"