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It builds a garment cut to the pattern of an Idea, and trusts that Nature will model a material shape to fit it. There is a prophecy in every seam, and its pockets are full of inspiration. Now hear the verses. O for one hour of youthful joy! Give back my twentieth spring! I'd rather laugh a bright-haired boy Than reign a gray-beard king! Off with the wrinkled spoils of age!

He stole a glance at her out of his dark eyes, which, when narrowed, had a velvety look, like the body of a wild bee, then jerked his thumb at the picture of the little model. "It's about her I come to speak." Blanca faced him frigidly. "I have not the slightest wish to hear." Hughs looked round, as though to find something that would help him to proceed; his eyes lighted on Hilary's portrait.

For Burke belongs in spirit to the new romantic school, while in style he is a model for the formal classicists. We can only glance at the life of this marvelous Irishman, and then consider his place in our literature. LIFE. Burke was born in Dublin, the son of an Irish barrister, in 1729.

We're going soon to organize country life in a sanitary way, the county health officer being the biggest man on the horizon. Stiles has moved his marine hospital and his staff to Wilmington, North Carolina, and he and the local health men are quietly going to make New Hanover the model county for sanitary condition and efficiency. You'll know what a vast revolution that denotes!

But where thus far shall we find any democratic society that is so sound that it can offer itself as a model to the rest of the world? Most of the political questions of the day appear to be relative and conditioned questions. The question of governmental control of industry is an example.

Then he turned to his companion with a smile. "That was my first very clumsy model. The actual mechanical construction of this instrument is so simple," he said, "that I can at any time construct one which will answer all purposes that I may require of it until I see you.

Ambrose began to feel an obscure and discomforting indignation at his visitor. He wished he would go. "You really must see our plant before you go back," said Strange; "the model farm, the dairy herd, the flourmill, the sawmill. Will you come up to-morrow and let me take you about?" His glibness had the effect of rendering Ambrose monosyllabic. "No," he said.

So I resume, all being hard and dry, and begin to model the back.

To appease in some degree the loud and angry murmurs of his subjects, Henry, the next year, on Easter day, announced that a new Cross had been prepared for their consolation, of the same shape, size, and appearance as the stolen relic, and asserted, most probably with perfect truth, that in Divine powers, or claim to religious worship, it was but little inferior to its model.

Such officers, however, do not represent their trade in the whole state or kingdom, but are chosen, in every large town, to conduct the multifarious business that may require attention within its limits. Although all these guilds are, in their original constitution, formed on the same model, they differ materially in their internal arrangements.