The kindness, consideration, gentleness of Mr. Seward's recommendations, instead of securing a return of like feeling, seemed rather to inflame the misjudging men of the South with a new sense of resentment.

And it was evident that the Policeman thought well of him! Pity swiftly merged into suspicion. "I s'pose you mean the Bird that tells people things," she ventured to be sure that she was not misjudging him. He wiped his black eye on a coat-tail. "Aye," he answered. "That's the one. And, oh, but he could tell you things!" Gwendolyn considered the statement.

I imagined that, in happier days, he must have walked there with a girl he loved. Perhaps he loved her still, only misfortune had come to him, and they could not marry. In that case, I'd been misjudging him, maybe. His bluntnesses and abruptnesses and coldnesses didn't mean that the compartments were "love-tight," as I'd fancied, but that they were already full to overflowing.

But I've heard others say that Father knew all about the plans for that fight before it happened, and that he could have stopped it had he wished to. It isn't true! And if Mr. McGowan even thinks it's true he isn't fair. He will misjudge Father if he has the least idea that he would stoop to such a frame-up." "I cal'late he ain't misjudging your father none, Beth.

He spent the remainder of that never-to-be-forgotten game sitting on the bench. But to watch his fellow-players try to play was almost as frightful as being back there in right field. It was no consolation for Ken to see his successor chasing long hits, misjudging flies, failing weakly on wicked grounders.

He was several paces before his comrades, and had actually laid his hands on the patrician standard, when one of our party, whom some misjudging friend had entrusted with a couleau de chasse, or hanger, inspired with a zeal for the honour of the corps worthy of Major Sturgeon himself, struck poor Green-Breeks over the head with strength sufficient to cut him down.

The latter, with a want of foresight which has given rise to the present trouble, misjudging the character of the Dowager of Condillac, entrusted to her care his daughter Valerie pending Florimond's return, when the nuptials would naturally be immediately celebrated. I am probably telling you no more than you already know.

'Miss Foster? said Eleanor lightly 'oh! she will bear up. 'There it is! said Manisty, in a sudden fury. 'We have all been misjudging her in the most extraordinary way! She is the most sensitive, tender-natured creature I would not put an ounce more strain upon her for the world. His aunt called him, and he went stormily away.

It was, perhaps, not surprising that with these excellent opportunities for misjudging Hull-House, we should have suffered attack from time to time whenever any untoward event gave an opening as when an Italian immigrant murdered a priest in Denver, Colorado.

"If you think that I've exaggerated anything that I've told you about " She glanced up at the portrait. "I don't think I'm likely to be misinformed. After all, I'm her " "I didn't mean that," he interrupted impatiently. "I was referring to Lord Dawn. If he's the same man, I think both you and she have misjudged him." Maisie laughed. "Lord Dawn was sufficiently definite. I'm not misjudging him.