The few cavalry went to meet them, the infantry placed themselves in order, and a sanguinary combat began anew on the height. Mazel led them on, and the bravery of the rebels made the military, who were already discouraged, give way. Edmond and his followers were with the young captain and his light horse, who were exposed at a distance in an obstinate combat.

"We will hear what Catinat says for himself," said the broad, stout Mazel, and Ravanel, a little swarthy man with dark looks and wild appearance advanced towards the gigantic man and cried: "speak brother, you know how I love you, I am yours, unto death, and do not believe that you can ever be in the wrong, for in your fist is the sword of the Lord!"

Yet even in the midst of destruction there were enclaves of unshaken structures. On the Rue Mazel, "Main Street," the chief clothing store rose immune amid ashes on all sides. Its huge plate-glass window was not even cracked. And behind the window a little mannikin, one of the familiar images that wear clothes to tempt the purchaser, stood erect.

Edmond was going to explain to him for what purpose he had come there, when the hairy figure without replying took up his gun and was in the act of firing at him, a cracked voice from behind a projection of the rock, cried out: "For God's sake stop, brother Mazel!" at the same moment two naked brown arms fell on the breast of the armed man and dashed the gun on the ground.

You are all here present, Cavalier, thou Ravanel, Castanet, Duplant, and Salomon, Clary, Abraham Mazel is also arrived here. I have often spoken on this point already, my dear friends, and wished to make known to you my opinion, and my sentiments, that in this war, in which we are fighting for the Lord, we should refrain from shedding blood as much as possible.

The remainder were killed in the mêlée, the sergeant, who was still mounted fled precipitately from the height down the rock, Mazel and his followers were already far distant pursuing the enemy. Edmond descended with those who would accompany him. In a vineyard they enjoyed the repose and frugal fare which could be quickly prepared for them. The old man was revived by a few drops of wine.

Upon the most elevated height stood Mazel, the charcoal-burner, Eustace, young Stephen, and a swarm of young people, all in the greatest excitement, for they were expecting the commander Castanet, who on this day intended to conduct Mariette, his bride, from the village below, in order to unite himself with her in the bonds of marriage.

"As thou wilt!" exclaimed the former greatly affected: "but I am as if in heaven, that thou brother, that thou, who wast so proud shouldst thus converse with me. They always deny miracles, and yet this is truly one." "Leave him to repose, brother Eustace," said Mazel, "do not excite and tease him any more in order that he may be soon restored."

Mazel, who detested such mishaps, which he rightly felt were disastrous for the authority of the School of Arts, made an angry gesture, and drily said: 'Well, fish it out again, and put it among the admitted pictures. It isn't so surprising, there was an intolerable noise yesterday. How can one judge anything like that at a gallop, when one can't even obtain silence?

"Conduct the young man to brother Roland," said Mazel to both of them, and Edmond accompanied them in silence, still deeper into the solitude of the mountains. Favart glanced sideways at the new comrade, while they walked on together, at length he said: "Lately, but for that young lad, things would have turned out badly enough." "Who was he?" asked Edmond.