Mozart wrote to his wife frequently, and always in the most loverly fashion. He ends his first letter on this journey as follows: "At nine o'clock at night we start for Dresden, where we hope to arrive to-morrow. My darling wife, I do so long for news of you! Perhaps I may find a letter from you in Dresden. Adieu, love! I must conclude, or I shall miss the post.

In the first days of their engagement, Carlisle had observed that Hugo was "very demonstrative." And now, at the end of their loverly evening together, he became suddenly and strangely moved, professing, in a voice unlike his own, his inability to live longer without her. Then, ignoring all their elaborate plannings, he abruptly begged her to marry him in June, as he had first asked her....

She had allowed him to linger, certainly with no blindness as to what he desired to say to her. She had stood there with no ignorance that the moment was favorable. But now something seemed to have gone amiss, and she turned suddenly, frustrating whatever loverly intention he may have had.

Dark prints and ginghams, simply made, and freshened up at meal-times by full white aprons, are serviceable, sensible, economical and significant of our dear Mary's practical wisdom. They are by so many degrees less becoming to her than the dainty apparel of loverly memory, that we do not wonder at the surprised discontent of the young husband. Marriage has made no distinct change in his apparel.

I am glad the peculiarity has not shown itself hereditary," said Mr. Palmer laughing. "But if I have little to offer, I expect nothing with her," said the chief abruptly. "I want only herself!" "A very loverly mode of speaking! But it is needless to say no daughter of mine shall leave me without a certainty, one way or the other, of suitable maintenance.

Would Carlisle make his excuses to Mrs. Heth, and know for herself how disappointed he was? He spoke in loverly vein, and Cally was able to answer soothingly. She mentioned that she would probably withdraw from the dinner, too; so that even mamma's table would not be upset at all. He would be much missed, of course.

They all assure me that never once have you and Almo met since he reached your father's house a half hour too late. They also report that, in the course of his injudicious moonings about your haunts, he has always kept at a respectful distance. And except for those same loverly danglings about places where he might catch glimpses of you, I can find nothing against the lad.

The commonplace existence, as of sister and brother, seemed to perish suddenly, and in its place, as a butterfly from a chrysalis, there reigned the emotional days of prelude to marriage. The mere force of the situation inspired them and they grew as loverly as any boy and girl.

"Of course not." His tone was more impatient than loverly. "I'm only keen to feel you're safe." "Oh safe!" she sighed. "Is one anywhere ever?" "No," he countered with unexpected vigour, "or life wouldn't be worth living. There are degrees of unsafeness, that's all. It's natural isn't it, darling? I should want to feel you're out of reach of that crowd.

'Ow beautiful hart thou in textchah." "Go on, Bill. Did the perisher say that?" An incredulous member of the group looked doubtful. "Did 'e say it?" The carrier of news looked scornfully at the doubter. "Did 'e say it? Lumme! 'E said it twice, and then he buried 'is mug in its loverly fragrant surface, and pricked his nose on Ginger's bayonet.