"You seem to have left nothing for me to do," said George. "You'll find out there'll be all you'll want," replied the brisk Mrs. Herrington. "We're organizing meetings one in every hall in the city, one on almost every other street corner, and we're going to rush you from one to the next most of the night and there'll be no letup for you tomorrow, even if it is election day.

"But that's how I feel toward all the boys, Leon our fighting boys just like flying to them to kiss them each one good-by." "Come over, Gina. You'll be a treat to our mother. I Well, I'm hanged! All the way from Philadelphia!" There was even a sparkle to talk, then, and a letup of pressure. After a while Sarah Kantor looked up at her son, tremulous, but smiling.

Always picking on the little fellow." "Well, you see," said Bob mischievously, "I've got to keep you out of danger for Della's sake. Ouch! Wow! Letup. Can't you take a joke." For, lame shoulder notwithstanding, Frank leaped and, bowling the big fellow out of his chair, got astride of his writhing body and began to pummel him. "Come on. Strip."

He don't even know her name!" James in his turn went into a fit of laughing. In uncontrollable excitement Bennington seized him with his sound hand. "What is it? Tell me! What is her name, then?" "O Lord! Don't squeeze so! I'll tell you! Letup!" James dashed the back of his hand across his eyes. "What is her name?" repeated Bennington fiercely. "Wilhelmina Fay. We call her Bill for short."

I calls through the transom; but as there's no letup to the debate I strolls over to the door, prepared to reprove someone real severe. It's quite some spirited scene out on the landin'. There's old man Bloom, a short, squatty, fish-eyed old pirate with a complexion like sour dough. He has one foot on the next flight, and seems to be retreatin' as he waves his pudgy hands and sputters.

As the Mistress ran alongside and grasped frantically for her doomed pet, he let go of Bruce for an instant, to fend off her hand or perhaps to thrust her away from the peril of the fast-moving mud-guards. At the Mistress's cry and at the brief letup of pressure caused by the Doctor's menacing gesture toward the unhappy woman Bruce's long-sleeping soul awoke.

"C'mere," Aunt Amy said, grabbing him by the arm. "Help me look for that ironing board." When the ironing board was finally located, Mother had something for him to do. And when he was finished with that, Dad called for his help. So the afternoon wore on without letup and also without any signs of progress in their moving.