You may as well despise me. I am a coward." A look went across Joe's face, half-assenting, half-indulgent. "Never mind, old boy," he said, with patronizing good-will; "we can't all be cut after the same pattern." He extended his hand to help his brother to his feet. A movement caused him to turn. Quinn had gathered strength to speak. He was leaning on his left elbow, staring at the two brothers.

Andrew gave an odd, half-assenting look. It was as Rachel had said long ago; in most things she wound him around her finger. But at the first opportunity she put the subject cunningly to Philemon.

I believe there is no period of life so happy as that in which a thriving lover leaves his mistress after his first success. His joy is more perfect then than at the absolute moment of his own eager vow, and her half-assenting blushes. Then he is thinking mostly of her, and is to a certain degree embarrassed by the effort necessary for success.

We have sworn before you all to uphold the laws of Cyprus we will not fail you!" she protested. "Yet, oh I beg you to remember that together in this Chamber we have prayed to-day that we might temper judgment with mercy! Let us not sign it!" A low murmur of sympathy echoed through the assembly, half-assenting, and Caterina, perceiving it hurried on.

We're bluffed at our own game, boys; bluffed at our own game. They've chucked the pegs out, and there was no one there to stop 'em. It's their claim." A murmur, half-assenting, passed through the crowd, till it was checked by the man who had stuck his pick in the ground by the deserted hole. "My pegs was in," he exclaimed, "and if any one's took them out "

'Yes, said Geoffrey, in a half-interrogatory, half-assenting tone. 'Till I found your card in my box, I never heard of your coming, said Charley. 'It was not my fault, I answered. 'I did what I could to find out something about you, but all in vain. 'Paternal precaution, I believe, he said, with something that approached a grimace.

Momson, who didn't care a straw about the morals of the man whose duty it was to teach his little boy his Latin grammar, or the morals of the woman who looked after his little boy's waistcoats and trousers, gave a half-assenting grunt. "And you are to pay," continued Mrs. Stantiloup, with considerable emphasis, "you are to pay two hundred and fifty pounds a-year for such conduct as that!"