But in the perplexities of the past year since his mother had been away he had often blindly called out to God for help and had felt that God did help and strengthen him. But now, as he sat under the preaching of God's word, he became conscious of a longing in his soul that only acquaintance with God could satisfy. He desired with all his heart to be a Christian.

The people belonged to God, and in God's name the pope gave the people to the emperor, and could take it from him; an unlimited power whose most terrible weapon was excommunication, a superior sovereignty, which carried the papacy towards real and final possession of the empire.

Never before had I seen a soul pass from the one life to the other; but countless experiences could not have told me the truth more forcibly than did the look upon the face so small, so pitifully old and care-worn. The hand of God's angel had already written it too plainly there.

"I have been away," he replied simply. "And my mail was not forwarded. I came directly I received the ring at once, as I told you I should." "Well, sit down and let us talk" impatiently "it doesn't matter nothing matters since you have come in time." "In time? What do you mean? In time for what? Pauline, tell me" advancing a step "tell me, in God's Name, what are you doing in this place?"

"Why, Gerald," he said, "you seem to have made preparations for a long search." "That is only wise, Sir James. This river runs for sixty miles before it falls into the main river, and sixty miles will take a good deal of searching. If the search is a short one, and the food not needed, the burden of it will matter little; on the other hand " "In God's name go, boy and bring Helen back!"

Nor let us deceive ourselves by talking of the greatness of the stake at issue; that God's glory and the public good are involved in the result of the contest, and that therefore we must do all in our power to win it.

And to think of one who has written so long never more to wield the pen in the cause of the church and God's children is a sad thought to the writer, for she has loved him as a father and he shall ever have a green spot in my heart for I shall never forget his kind words to me in my lonely hours. Dr.

"Abbott, be honest and answer is there anything in it this talk of doing God's will? Can people love God and hate one another? Oh, isn't it all just words?" Her eyes burned fiercely. "I wouldn't have the love that some folks give God, I'd feel myself insulted! I want something better than He gets. I want a love that holds out. I just hate shams," she went on, becoming more excited.

I shouted; and in a single great leap I was at his side, shaking his hand, one arm about his scarred shoulders, laughing and talking excitedly, all in the same breath. "Wilson, tell me in God's name what has happened?" He looked up at me with shining, happy eyes, deep in black sockets of hunger and suffering. "The part that counts," he said hoarsely, "is that you're here, and we're here with you.

For God's sake, try to see me some of you!"... "He drove too fast a horse," said the customer. "He always has." "I must answer Mrs. Thorne's message," said the broker sadly, rising and pushing back the office chair. ...I shrank, and tried no more. I bowed my head, and said no other word.