Wasn't there clean copper there and plain to see at every blasting? 'Twas rank cheating, no less. "And never a thought of what it means to a man like me. Ay, I doubt it's as they say; 'tis that Geissler's at the bottom of it all, same as before. No sooner he'd come up than the work stopped; 'twas as if he'd smelt it out somehow." "Geissler, is he here, then?" "Is he not?

Isak sat listening it was thrilling to hear, a wonderful tale from foreign parts. He followed Geissler's mouth with slavish eyes. Geissler went on: "I went straight back to the hotel and wrote out a statement; did the whole thing myself, you understand, and signed it 'Isak Sellanraa. Don't imagine, though, I said a word against the way they'd managed things in the prison. Not a word.

Thus the striæ that are formed between the hollowed-out parts of the tap do not affect its tightness; and, besides, the turns of the tap have for their principal positions 90 and 180 degrees, instead of 45 and 90 degrees, as in Geissler's pump. The working of the apparatus, which only requires the manipulation of a single tap, is very simple.

The gentlemen themselves were nice and pleasant enough; they smiled at Geissler's words, and hoped Isak would excuse their coming rioting over his land like this. They had brought their own provisions, and did not propose to eat him out of house and home, but they would be glad of a roof over their heads for the night. Perhaps he could put them up in the new building there?

The engineer and the two experts had made a rough investigation of the ground, made a few borings and blastings, and here was their report: the occurrence of ore was due to eruption; it was irregular, and from their preliminary examination appeared to be deepest in the neighbourhood of the boundary between the company's land and Geissler's decreasing from there onwards.

Asked Geissler about it, I understand, but Geissler put him off; said he couldn't cultivate a hundred yards of land. So he sent in an application to the Amtmand, and I'm instructed to see the matter through. More of Geissler's muddling!" Lensmand Heyerdahl came up to the farm, and brought with him his assistant, Brede.

For instance, Geissler's pump requires a considerable number of taps, that of Alvergniat and Toepler is very fragile in consequence of its complicated system of tubes connected together, and that of Sprengel is only suitable for certain purposes. The new mercury pump constructed by Messrs.

I shall have to be out that way in any case, there's another plot of land a man's inquiring about." "Will that be him that's going to buy up between me and the village?" "Can't say, I'm sure. Very likely. As a matter of fact, it's a man from the office here, my assistant in the office. He was here in Geissler's time.

A meeting had been held in the village to consider the position which had arisen owing to Geissler's refusal to sell his part of the mining tract. 'Twas not only the outlying settlers who stood to lose by this, it would be fatal to the whole district. Why could not folk go on living as well or as poorly now as before there had been any mine at all? Well, they could not, and that was all about it.

And it was not long before the money unaccounted for was sent from Sweden, so that Geissler's wife and children could not be said to be held as hostages, but stayed on simply because it pleased them. Isak and Inger had no cause to complain of Geissler's dealings with them, not by a long way.