I had an Englishman's habitual diffidence and awkwardness of address to contend with; but I subdued it, and from frequently meeting him in the Cassino, gradually edged myself into his acquaintance. I had no reserve on his part to contend with. He seemed on the contrary to court society; and in fact to seek anything rather than be alone.

He seemed to have no regard for anything but his own rapid progress. He was making for the counter with its iron defences. The smile in the Englishman's eyes deepened. His interest rose to a wave of excitement. He felt assured that "things" were about to happen. A hard-faced clerk with the shoulders of a prizefighter, was waiting to receive the hurried approach of his client.

While still at college he had been especially attracted owing mainly to the chances of an undergraduate friendship by a group of Eastern problems bearing upon England's future in Asia; and he was no sooner free to govern himself and his moderate income than there flamed up in him the Englishman's passion to see, to touch, to handle, coupled with the young man's natural desire to go where it was dangerous to go, and where other men were not going.

Stephenson was working then on his steam-engine, and Ericsson studied the same subject, and built an engine which in many ways was superior to the Englishman's. In whatever direction he turned his mind he was able to find new ideas for improving on old methods.

Before I quit the Circus of Caracalla, I must not forbear mentioning his bust, which so perfectly resembles Hogarth's idle 'Prentice; but why should they not be alike? For black-guards are black-guards in every degree, I suppose, and the people here who shew one things, always take delight to souce an Englishman's hat upon his head, as if they thought so too.

The Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock: may they flourish by the common graft of union. To the memory of Scotland's heroes. To the memory of those who have gloriously fallen in the noble struggle for independence. Annihilation to the trade of corruption. An Englishman's birthright: trial by jury.

Victor would not tell me why he goes to Quebec." "Ah, if he goes out of friendship for Victor, it is well." "Is he not handsome?" "Melancholy handsome, after the pattern of the Englishman's Hamlet. I like a man with a bright face. When does the Henri IV sail?" suddenly. "Two weeks from to-morrow. To-morrow is Fools' Day." "Why, then, do not those on yonder ship sail to-morrow instead of to-day?"

"Behold your wife, take her!" Koyatuk advanced. Leo placed Oblooria behind him, and, being unarmed, threw himself into a pugilistic posture of defence. The young Eskimo laid one of his strong hands on the Englishman's shoulder, intending to thrust him aside violently. Leo was naturally of a tender disposition.

Good morning, and thank you so much for granting me this er interview. An Englishman's house is his castle, isn't it? That is why it was so good of you to let me come in. Good-bye, Mrs Gulching. He's a perfectly sweet little chap, and I must come and see him again, if I may." And yet some women are crying out for the right to control elections!

We frequently hear of patients, in confirmed consumption, being sent to Mentone, to Madeira, and to other foreign parts. Can anything be more cruel or absurd? If there be any disease that requires the comforts of home and truly may an Englishman's dwelling be called home! and good nursing more than another, it is consumption. What it the death-rate of consumption in England?