'Good morning, my duckling, says the lady friend, 'whither away so bold? 'I am going to the King for what he owes me. 'Oh! take me with thee! Drakestail said to himself: 'One can't have too many friends. ... 'I will, says he, 'but with your wooden legs you will soon be tired. Make yourself quite small, get into my throat go into my gizzard and I will carry you.

He arrived thus at the capital, and threaded his way straight up the High Street, still running and singing 'Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back? to the great astonishment of the good folks, till he came to the King's palace. He strikes with the knocker: 'Toc! toc! 'Who is there? asks the porter, putting his head out of the wicket. ''Tis I, Drakestail.

Drakestail, who was no longer surprised at anything, received the acclamations of the people as if he had never done anything else all his life. A few of them certainly murmured that a Drakestail would make a fine King; those who knew him replied that a knowing Drakestail was a more worthy King than a spendthrift like him who was lying on the pavement.

She takes bag and baggage, and glou, glou, glou, she takes her place between friend Fox and my friend Ladder. And 'Quack, quack, quack. Drakestail is off again singing. A little farther on he meets comrade Wasp's-nest, manoeuvring his wasps. 'Well, good-morning, friend Drakestail, said comrade Wasp's-nest, 'where are we bound for so spruce and fresh?

DRAKESTAIL was very little, that is why he was called Drakestail; but tiny as he was he had brains, and he knew what he was about, for having begun with nothing he ended by amassing a hundred crowns.

'I am lost! said Drakestail to himself, when by good luck he remembers his comrade friend Fox, and he cries: 'Reynard, Reynard, come out of your earth, Or Drakestail's life is of little worth.

'River, River, outward flow, Or to death Drakestail must go. My friend River hastens out, and errouf! throws herself into the furnace, which she floods, with all the people who had lighted it; after which she flowed growling into the hall of the palace to the height of more than four feet.

And left file! he takes the same road to join the others with all his party. There was not much more room, but by closing up a bit they managed.... And Drakestail is off again singing.

In short, they ran and took the crown off the head of the deceased, and placed it on that of Drakestail, whom it fitted like wax. Thus he became King. 'And now, said he after the ceremony, 'ladies and gentlemen, let's go to supper. I am so hungry! Contes of Ch. Marelles.

When the King, who was still at table and laughing at the good trick he had played his creditor, heard him again reclaiming his money, he became livid with rage. He commanded that the furnace should be heated, and this tail of a drake thrown into it, because he must be a sorcerer. The furnace was soon hot, but this time Drakestail was not so afraid; he counted on his sweetheart, my friend River.