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That done, and he saw to the doing of it himself, he climbed the stair in the Crow's Nest, meaning to snatch a little sleep before the labors and hazards of a new day should claim him. But McCloskey, the dour-faced, was waiting for him in the upper corridor with news that would not wait. "The trouble-makers have sent us their ultimatum at last," he said gruffly.

And how do you thank me? I'm to suppose ye quarrel wi' her like the dour-faced imp o' Sawtan that ye are, and presently ye come raging out, swearing most shamefully at a man old enough to be your father!" 'Twas far enough in the retrospect now so that I could smile at it. Yet I would not suffer him to bluster me aside. "It was an ill thing for you to do, none the less, Mr.

Just look at poor little Di!" I lifted the howling child from the cart. His face, neck, and hands were stringy and purplish a cross between an eggplant and a round steak. "Mosquitoes!" explained Silvia. "They came in flocks and they advertised particularly 'no mosquitoes." A dour-faced guest paused in passing. "There aren't many," she declared.

"Has it never come intil your thick numbskull that the poor fule lassie is sick wi' love for ye, ye dour-faced loon?" And with that he let himself out and slammed the door behind him, and I heard him go pottering down the corridor, still cursing me by all the choice phrases he could lay tongue to. I may confess to you, my dears, that Mr.

She's gone; gone where neither you nor that dour-faced deevil that befooled us all will find her soon, I promise you, Dickie Jennifer!" he snapped; and I gave them my back and stumbled blindly to the door, making sure his next word would tell my poor wronged lad all that he should have learned from never any other lips but mine own.

And only then did he begin to realize the depth and extent of the engagements to which Sir Richmond had committed himself. "I was suggesting that we run back to Avebury to-morrow," said Sir Richmond. "These ladies were nearly missing it." The thing took the doctor's breath away. For the moment he could say nothing. He stared over his tea-cup dour-faced. An objection formulated itself very slowly.