So he summoned on it the doctors and astrologers and men skilled in talisman- writing and said to them, "Whoso healeth my daughter of what ill she hath, I will marry him to her and give him half of my kingdom; but whoso cometh to her and cureth her not, I will strike off his head and hang it over her palace-gate."

So he summoned the doctors and astrologers and magicians and said to them, 'Whoso cureth my daughter of her disorder, I will marry him to her and give him half my kingdom; but whoso cometh to her and cureth her not, I will strike off his head and hang it over her palace-gate. Accordingly, all who went in to her, but failed to cure her, he beheaded and hung their heads over her palace-gate, till he had beheaded forty physicians and crucified as many astrologers on her account; wherefore all the folk held aloof from her, for all the physicians failed to cure her malady and her case was a puzzle to the men of science and the magicians.

That life may be fair to behold, its game must be well played; for that purpose, however, it needeth good actors. Good actors have I found all the vain ones: they play, and wish people to be fond of beholding them all their spirit is in this wish. They represent themselves, they invent themselves; in their neighbourhood I like to look upon life it cureth of melancholy.

The priest came, and, covering her face with something, and sighing, began to read gentle, beseeching words: "Oh God, Almighty Lord, who cureth every disease, cure also Thy servant Natalya, who has just given birth to a child; and restore her from the bed on which she now lies, for in the words of David, 'We indulge in lawlessness and are wicked in Thine eyes."

That cureth us of all our doubts and fears, Puts bracelets on our hands, rings on our ears; He sanctifies our persons, he perfumes Our spirits also; he our lust consumes; Our stinking breath he sweetens, so that we To God and all good men sweet-scented be; He sets God's mark upon us, and doth seal Us unto life, and life to us reveal.

After the same manner a monk I mean those lither, idle, lazy monks doth not labour and work, as do the peasant and artificer; doth not ward and defend the country, as doth the man of war; cureth not the sick and diseased, as the physician doth; doth neither preach nor teach, as do the evangelical doctors and schoolmasters; doth not import commodities and things necessary for the commonwealth, as the merchant doth.

It would, said he, 'ask a long time, if I should recite all. 'To be short, divers I see with divers and sundry torments excruciate; yet notwithstanding, all living and all safe. One plaster, one salve cureth all their wounds, which also giveth to me strength and life; so that I sustain all these transitory anguishes and small afflictions with a quiet mind, having a greater hope laid up in heaven.

And on that day did the saint, for the praise of God and for the benefit of the people, bring forth out of the earth by his prayers, even for the seventh time, a clear fountain. The Saint beholdeth a Vision of Angels, and cureth Sixteen Lepers.

To the first I answer, that the addressing of our Saviours command to the Madnesse, or Lunacy he cureth, is no more improper, then was his rebuking of the Fever, or of the Wind, and Sea; for neither do these hear: Or than was the command of God, to the Light, to the Firmament, to the Sunne, and Starres, when he commanded them to bee; for they could not heare before they had a beeing.

I've told you my deformity, and all My miseries unveiled before your gaze. My spirit is in pain, for it cannot Forget my sweet gazelle, with eyes so black. A fire burns in my heart, and all my frame But wastes and withers. Where's thy cure, O Taleb? I find no medicine that cureth love, In vain I search. Sweet Fatima's the cause Of all my woes, with khelkal tinted blue.