Maxton hired it out one day the term before last, and he and I and Collis rode to Chatton. It isn't meant to carry three; but the seat's very wide, and they squeezed me in between them.

As it happened, there was a check just then, and Carton ran forward and told Allingford what had happened. He and Oaks came back, and said the only thing would be to get him to Chatton station, and so home by train. It was awfully decent of those chaps. They carried Bayley all the way, and then Oaks went home with him, and Allingford walked back, and so, of course, they missed half the run.

"You'll have to go as far as Chatton now," said Carton. "Never mind; you can get back by the next train." "Yes; but the question is if we've got any money," answered Jack Vance ruefully. "It's fourpence the single journey, so the fare there and back for three of us'll be two bob. Here's threepence; that's all the tin I'm worth. what have you got, Diggy?"

The Duchess, in a dazzling frock of white and silver, which placed Clarisse among the divinities of her craft, looked round her with a look of worry. "What's the matter with the tiresome creatures? Why is everybody going so early? And there are not half the people here who ought to be here." Meredith shrugged his shoulders. "I saw you at Chatton House the other night," he said, in the same tone.

You may imagine it doesn't look very well for our poor Julie. The other night at Chatton House I was furious. I made Julie go. I wanted her to show herself, and keep up her friends. Well, it was horrid! One or two old frights, who used to be only too thankful to Julie for reminding Lady Henry to invite them, put their noses in the air and behaved odiously.

"You see Lady Coryston has not only snubbed me she has insulted father." "How?" exclaimed Marion, startled. "At Chatton House the other day. She refused to go down to dinner with him. She positively did. The table had to be rearranged, and little Lady Chatton nearly had hysterics." The girl lay looking at her friend, her large but finely cut mouth faintly smiling.

"The foot of Breamish, and head of Till, Meet together at Bewick Mill" Some miles to the northward, the Till reaches the little village of Chatton, having, on the way, passed a little to the westward of Chillingham Castle and Park, where is the famous herd of wild cattle.

It's my fault; and I've got something over from my journey-money." The offer was gladly accepted, and at length, when the train reached Chatton, the three chums wished their companion good-bye, laughing heartily over their unexpected journey. "What time's the next train back to Ronleigh?" asked Jack, as he paid the money for their fare to the ticket-collector.

From Chatton, the loops and windings of the Till grow more insistent, and the little stream adds miles to its length by reason of its frequent doubling on its tracks; this, however, but gives an added charm to the landscape, as the silvery gleams of the winding river come unexpectedly into view again and again.

One's self-love, I suppose that bleeds! Evelyn has made me send out cards for a little house-warming. She said I must. She made me go to that smart party at Chatton House the other night. It was a great mistake. People turned their backs on me. And this, too, will be a mistake and a failure." "You were kind enough to send me a card." "Yes and you must come?"