When at last Conroy faced a real doctor, it was, he hoped, to be saved from suicide by a strait-waistcoat. Yet Dr. Gilbert had but given him more drugs a tonic, for instance, that would couple railway carnages and had advised a night in the train.

It allows him to mingle with exterminations and carnages, but it does not permit him to die, because it wishes him to relate them. In the midst of this inexpressible Pandemonium, Xavier Durrieu met me as I was crossing the bullet-swept boulevard. He said to me, "Ah, here you are. I have just met Madame D. She is looking for you."

"Many of our leading families keep carnages, and they seem to get along well enough," I answered. "Nevertheless, it is quite in fashion even for ladies to walk. I understand that many, perhaps most of your auditors, will walk" to the play-house door this evening." "They tell me as much," said Bulstrode, curling his lip, a little, in a way I did not exactly like.

Imagine, once more, that crowd of people surging up and down your stairs, and trampling each other underfoot as they try to dance in a room not a quarter big enough, and ten times too many poor flowers wilting all over the house, and a big band of music going it for dear life, and fifty or a hundred carnages tangled up in a noisy crowd outside; why go through all that for the sake of getting a new little girl acquainted with a few of her mother's friends?"

But when he was not compelled to show his real condition, he was deceiving in like manner, as now departed Emperors, Kings, Generals and other warlike spirits are deceiving, till they bring their worshippers on the battlefield, where they effect such carnages, as we read now many reports in newspapers.

Carnages lined the banks on either side for a considerable distance, and as usual the doctor's party assembled in great force on Willow Point. The towing-path was jealously kept clear for the schoolboys, who trooped down in force the moment after lunch, and took possession of their places along the course. Some crowded at the starting-point.

Travellers whose route does not lie along the government post-roads, take samovars with them in their carnages; and small samovars that can be packed into the narrowest compass are made for the use of officers starting on a campaign, and other persons likely to find themselves in places where it may be difficult to procure hot water. Small tea-caddies are also manufactured with a similar object.

It can't be true, and him such a good man, and such a preacher as he is, with all the gentry round coming in their carnages to church." "Well, it mayn't be true," answered Mrs. Brown, slowly, as if the arguments used by Ann Holland were almost weighty enough to outbalance the cook's evidence; "I hope it isn't true, I'm sure.

We flew through tunnel and over viaduct; the windows rattled, the signal whistle sounded, the steam horses snorted I laid back my head at last in the carriage, and fell asleep under the protection of the god Morpheus. At Olm tz, where we had fresh carnages, a voice spoke my name it was Walter Goethe! We had travelled together the whole night without knowing it. In Vienna we met often.

The prince was with his battle down among the vines and had closed in the weakest part with their carnages.