The work of Vetancurt is in this respect a great improvement upon Benavides, and it is interesting to note how his approximate census approaches the figures given by Zárate Salmerón seventy years before. Vetancurt had at his disposal much more precise data than Benavides.

As was her way when thoroughly aroused, Iris stood up and seized San Benavides almost roughly by the arm. Her distraught eyes searched his face with a pathetic earnestness. "Why do you think that the launch did not get away?" she cried. "It was dark. The moon might have been in shadow. If the launch met the warship and was seen, there must have been firing "

My friend, Capitano Salvador De San Benavides," and he bowed with much dignity toward the uniformed officer, "came here two days ago in a felucca to warn me that a steamer would lie to about a mile south of the island to-night. The steamer's name is Andros-y-Mela it is rather like the name of your unhappy vessel so much alike that the Andromeda has been sunk by mistake. That is all."

One of them noticed the inexplicable disorder among a body of men some of whom resembled his own comrades. He had heard the firing, and was discussing it with others when this strange thing happened. He challenged. San Benavides answered, but his voice was shrill and unofficer-like. The engines were started. A man leaped to the wharf.

One of the Goliad Bergmans early German settlers." Here Hudson hung up and made interruption. "Bergman says the check is right," he reported. Johnson resumed his explanation: "As I was sayin', I reckon I know all the old-time cowmen from here to breakfast and back. Old Joe Benavides, now one of your best depositors; I fished Joe out of Manzanillo Bay thirty year back. He was all drowned but Amen."

The Indians, who were in league with the Chilians, were every way as wild as those who arrayed themselves under Benavides. Capt. Hall, upon his return to Conception, though dissuaded from it by the governor, visited the Indian encampment.

"In half an hour, Excellency." "See that there is plenty of ammunition for the machine guns. What of the artillery?" "The three batteries stationed here are with us heart and soul." "Colonel San Benavides, as chief of the staff, is acquainted with every detail. You, General, will assume command of the Army of Liberation. Some trunks were sent to you from Paris, I believe?"

Some days after this they were called together, and required to serve as soldiers in the pirates army; an order to which they consented, knowing well by what they had already seen, that the consequence of refusal would be fatal. Benavides, though unquestionably a ferocious savage, was, nevertheless, a man of resource, full of activity, and of considerable energy of character.

They rode quietly out through the southern end of the town, Joe Benavides leading the way. They followed a trail through Robles' Pass and westward through the Altar Valley. They watered at the R E Ranch at three in the morning, waking Barnaby Robles; him they bound to silence; and there they let their horses rest and eat of the R E corn while they prepared a hasty breakfast.

A most pertinent question for Brazil, and one that would be loudly answered. The colonel's house was in darkness, yet San Benavides rapped imperatively. An upper window was raised. A voice was heard, using profane language. A head appeared. Its owner cried, "Who is it?" with additions. "San Benavides." "Christo! And the other?" "One whom you expect." The head popped in.