The famous Planchas de Plata and Arizona silver mines, which the Count Raouset de Boulbon attempted to take possession of, are in this section of country, not many miles below the present limits, and at several of the old ranchos and deserted mining villages which we visited, were found the argentiferous galena ore and gold.

The Humboldt is a narrow fissure carrying a thin ore streak of high grade, consisting of sulphides of silver, antimony, arsenic, and copper; the Bassick is a great conglomerate vein containing tellurides of silver and gold, argentiferous galena, blende, and yellow copper; the Bull Domingo is also a great fissure filled with rubbish containing ore chimneys of galena with tufts of wire silver.

Marie, the Bruce copper mine on Lake Huron, the gold-bearing quartz veins of Madoc, the Gatling gold vein of Marmora, the Acton and the Harvey Hill copper mines of Canada, the copper veins of Ely, Vermont, and of Blue Hills, Maine, the silver-bearing lead veins of Newburyport, Mass.; most of the segregated gold veins of the Alleghany belt, the lead veins of Rossie, Ellenville, and at other localities farther South; the copper bearing veins of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee; the veins carrying argentiferous galena in Central Kentucky and in Southern Illinois; the silver, copper, and antimony veins of Arkansas; and the lead and zinc deposits of Missouri and the Upper Mississippi.

He stipulated that Delphine must be independent and her estate separated from her husband's, swearing to himself that he would repay her by trebling her fortune. As, however, Rastignac said nothing of himself, Nucingen begged him to take, in the event of success, twenty-five shares of a thousand francs in the argentiferous lead-mines, and Eugene took them not to offend him!

In Guanajuato is found the richest vein of silver-bearing ore in the country, known as the Veta Madre, and though the most primitive modes of mining and milling have always been and still are pursued here, over eight hundred million dollars in the argentiferous metal have been realized from this immediate vicinity since official record has been kept of the amount; and with all this Mexico is still poor!

The shareholders' money floated the concern, and paid for splendid business premises, so they began operations. And Nucingen held in reserve founders' shares in Heaven knows what coal and argentiferous lead-mines, also in a couple of canals; the shares had been given to him for bringing out the concerns. All four were in working order, well got up and popular, for they paid good dividends.

A man dropping suddenly in from Mars with a Nicaraguan canal scheme for the consideration of Uncle Sam would have supposed this simian hubbub and anserine to-do meant nothing less than a new epocha for the universe, it being undecided whether it should be auriferous or argentiferous an age of gold or a cycle of silver.

Before we proceed to the lower extremity of these wonderful sheets of water again, let us just for a moment glance at what is about to be achieved upon their surfaces, and place the Sault of St. Marie or St. Mary's Rapids, which separate Superior from Huron, before an Englishman's eyes. There at present nothing is talked of but copper mines and silver or argentiferous copper ores.

I ain't saying anything agin that fine-spun theory that Key believes in about volcanic upheavals that set up on end argentiferous rock, but I simply say that I don't see it with the naked eye. And I reckon it's about time, boys, as the game's up, that we handed in our checks, and left the board." There was another silence around the fire, another whirl and turmoil without.

It is of course possible that the Leadville porphyries are only phases of rocks rich in silver, lead, and iron, which underlie this region, and which have been fused and forced to the surface by an ascending mass of deeper seated igneous rock; but even if the argentiferous character of the porphyry shall be proved, it will not be proved that such portions of it as here lie upon the limestone have furnished the ore by the descending percolation of cold surface waters.