It was evidently a fact that despite the plain little suit, the beaver hat, the rough ulster she was wearing, she didn't look like the sort of girl who had to rely on getting a job in the chorus for keeping a roof over her head. Looks, speech, manner everything segregated her from the type. It was all obvious enough, only Rose hadn't happened to think of it.

Thousands of women must have voted for license to bring about this result. In April, 1911, the question of license or no license was voted on in Boisé. In this case again the "wets" won by a considerable majority. Take another case. For several years in Boisé, until 1909, the red light district was segregated in two alleys in the heart of the city.

Few people have more proudly segregated themselves than the Coorgs; nowhere is the chastity of women more jealously guarded; and yet they were the first people in India who desired and petitioned for female education. And how, then, can it be for one moment asserted that the tendency of caste is to check the progress of the people?

Could not men be segregated in a place of peace and beauty and improved, instead of being segregated in a dull hell and crushed? What a home of soulless, hopeless horror!... And his friend was here.... Could he contain himself?... He must say something. "Do you always keep your back to a wall when standing still, in here?" he asked of Major Ranald.

By the end of the war more than 186,000 of them had joined the Union forces. For the first time in American history, however, they were forced to serve in segregated units and were usually commanded by white officers. One of the ironies of the conflict was that the war which terminated slavery was also responsible for initiating segregation within the armed Forces.

Said he, at last: "This is a large city?" "About half a million." "And what quarter are we in?" "The shopping district." "Is it a segregated district?" "Segregated? In what way?" "Apparently there are only courtesans." I could not help laughing. "You are misled by the peculiarities of our feminine fashions details with which you are naturally not familiar "

The curiously formed veins have, I believe, been formed by siliceous matter being subsequently segregated.

But since these qualities segregate in the reduction divisions, how is it that the male quality in the f ovum does not make it a sperm? We are asked to conceive a quality, or the absence of a factor, in an ovum which is incapable of causing that ovum to be a sperm, but which, when segregated in the gametes descended from that ovum, causes them all to be sperms.

But when groups of settlers who were neighbors and friends in their old homes came to America and formed little segregated communities by themselves, there is no doubt that they sung for a time from the psalm-books that they brought with them. Some of the Huguenots became members of the Puritan churches in America, others were Episcopalians.

Segregated spires, with castle-like tops, stood out from the upper walls. The rapids, or cataracts, compared well with those passed above, connected in some instances by swift-rushing water instead of the quiet pools which were usually found between the rapids.