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Again his thoughts turned to his friend, and he felt a strange assurance that Dacre had foreseen it all along, but not held back his steps one whit for that. And there was Maggie in America could she, and her life, be in the same world with this? Yet it was natural enough, and such things had always been, only he had never truly pictured them. The day seemed endless.

Q. How long have you known him? A. Thirty-five year. Q. Has he always lived in Bombay? A. No, Sahib, Q. Where else? A. For a good many year he have travel all the time. Q. Is he in Bombay now? A. No, Sahib. Q. Where is he? A. Over the sea, Sahib. Q. Do you know where? A. He sail for America; New York. Q. When? A. About eleven week ago. Q. Do you know for what he undertook this journey?

So long as such practical results can be had the diploma trade is likely to flourish, with full variety offered to buyers. Now, it is not impossible to turn to trade account an Order of the Elephant, of the Iron Crown, of the Legion of Honor, or of the Medjidieh, as probably shrewd mechanics,contractors, and tradesmen in America and England can attest.

Thanks to the indomitable energy and the equally zealous and unscrupulous ability of the man who had directed her counsels during the greater part of the war, England alone came triumphant out of the strife. She had won India forever; and, for some years at least, civilized America, almost in its entirety, obeyed her laws.

For six long weary months now, the main and international fact America and the world have had to get up and face every morning is the way a man called Henry Cabot Lodge is being fooled by himself.

Show cards, posters and stickers bearing the imprint of the Better Homes in America campaign, with space left for local announcements, may be obtained by application to the Bureau of Information, The Delineator, 223 Spring Street, New York City, Secretary, Mrs. William Brown Meloney.

To adapt this wonderful method to the uses of social life was an admirable achievement, and whether by the sisters of the Moravian school, or the growth of pre-American influence and time, we do not certainly know, the fact remains, however, that it was here so cunningly adapted to the circumstances and spirit of colonial and early American days as to seem to belong entirely to them, and it would seem quite clear that Bethlehem was the source of the most skillful needlework art in America.

This was the "All America" Division, made up of selected men from every state in the Union and in its ranks were the descendants of men who came from every nation that composed the Allies that were fighting Germany.

America has a broader hospitality for the exiled and oppressed. America and Americans are always ready to help the unfortunate. Money shall be raised you shall go back to China you shall see your friends again. What wages do they pay you here?" "Divil a cint but four dollars a week and find meself; but it's aisy, barrin' the troublesome furrin clothes that's so expinsive."

It took such a man, an iron man, to run N Division according to law, for N Division covered an area of six hundred and twenty thousand square miles of wildest North America, extending more than two thousand miles north of the 70th parallel of latitude, with its farthest limit three and one-half degrees within the Arctic Circle.