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The next development in the Mainwaring case was a report to the effect that the whereabouts of Harold W. Mainwaring could not be ascertained, and it was generally supposed among his London associates that he had followed his brother to America by the next steamer.

"In Britain and in America too, I understand though the Americans are much more enlightened on this subject when you arrest a member of a gang you are content with cross-examining him and giving him full scope for the exercise of his inventive power. You ask him questions and go on asking and asking, and you do not know whether he is lying or telling the truth." Mr.

There are 189 newspapers, printed in almost every language of the globe. Probably the only Syrian newspaper in America, The Assudk, is issued in this city." To keep pace with the rush of newcomers has necessitated the building of 30,000 houses every year.

Those great instinctive migrations of wild animals which take place annually in America are not possible in England. The deer here cannot escape solitary individuals getting free of course, now and then; they cannot move in a body, and it is not easy to know whether any such desire remains among them.

The only locality in America where I have ever found the farming population living habitually on wholesome diet is the Quaker region in Eastern Pennsylvania, and I have never seen anywhere else such a healthy race of women.

At last they advanced no more, twilight came over the field, the terrible fire that had raged since noon died, and the sun set upon the greatest military triumph ever won by France in the New World. Twilight gathered over the most sanguinary field America had yet seen.

The Captain is waiting for me. He said to bring you." "But I don't want to go. I hate automobiles. I hate seeing sights. I despise this town. I've a grouch against everything in America except you. Let me go down and tell the Captain to take his spin alone." "No, no," she sharply said. "I keep my word. I said I'd be back in a few minutes, and I'm going." He sighed resignedly.

But she's home now as she never was before and never could have been under any other circumstances now that khaki strides unabashed down Broadway and the skirl of the pipers has been heard on Fifth Avenue. We men "over there" will have to find a new name for America.

Laura's happy laugh rewarded her. "This will be the first summer he's spent in America for ten years," she replied, "so I hope he'll find me worth the sacrifice of Europe." "Then he's really given up his trip abroad for you?" "There's hardly need to ask that but don't you think it a quite sufficient reason?" "Oh, I guess so," returned Gerty carelessly.

This consideration should induce us to take care that the spirit of independence, which is causing so terrible an explosion in North America, have no power to communicate itself to points interesting to us in this hemisphere."