Humphrey, to throw a light upon who this man is whose body has been recognized by so many friends and patients of Dr. Lana as being that of the doctor himself. A Juryman: Has anyone up to now expressed any doubt about the matter? Mr. Porlock Carr: Not to my knowledge. Mr. Humphrey: We hope to make the matter clear. The Judge: Then the court adjourns until tomorrow.

Additional legislation may also become necessary before the present Congress again adjourns in order to effect the most efficient co-ordination and operation of the railways and other transportation systems of the country; but to that I shall, if circumstances should demand, call the attention of Congress upon another occasion.

"Listen, gentlemen," said the notary; and he read as follows: "'This is a Codicil, which for reasons herein stated, adjourns and prorogues to the 1st day of June, 1832, though without any other change, all the provisions contained in the testament made by me, at one o'clock this afternoon.

"Gabriel! father! listen," cried Agricola, "all is not lost. There is yet hope. Do you hear, Gabriel? There is yet hope." "What do you say?" exclaimed the young priest, rising, and hardly believing the words of his adopted brother. "Gentlemen," said the notary; "I will read to you the superscription of this envelope. It changes, or rather, it adjourns, the whole of the testamentary provisions."

As if much impressed and with a show of feeling he said: "It may be so. At any rate I will not do it. If the convention nominates me I will promptly send my declination. If it nominates me and adjourns I will call it together again and it will have to name somebody else."

It is now past the usual luncheon hour, and, if you desire it, you can retire to consider your verdict while the Court adjourns." The jurymen whispered together for a few moments and then the foreman stood up. "We have agreed on our verdict, my lord," he said. The prisoner, who had just been led to the back of the dock, was now brought back to the bar.

He denounces all government as a make-shift, and asserts that man should accordingly dispense with the forms of government and depend upon animal instinct to regulate the social community. He names Samuel L. Bell, chairman of the International Patent Commission, as the man who contrived to rob him of his patent rights. The meeting adjourns at the conclusion of this harangue.

"Who runs his business when he adjourns to the street." "Dunno. Guess it's his wife." "Aha! the beauteous Becky?" "I dunno; I've seen a woman in dere." "You're sure Ike has gone off, are you?" "Didn't I say I seen him?" "True. I am answered. My friend, there's the cigar. There, too, are the fifteen cents wherewith to pay for my frugal luncheon. Look upon the luncheon when it comes as yours.

Holy Father Zeus, but there’s a pleasure in dropping into the voting-urn the black bean which condemns!” “Athena keep us, then, from litigation,” murmured Clearchus; while Crito opened his fat lips to ask, “And what adjourns the courts?” “A meeting of the assembly, to be sure. The embassy’s come back from Delphi with the oracle we sought about the prospects of the war.”

The universal Yankee nation is a self-elected Investigating Committee, which never adjourns its sessions. This is amusing, and perhaps edifying, to their own inquiring minds; but William and A-lee-lah had Indian ideas of natural politeness, which made them regard such invasions as a breach of good manners.