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Their relationship is upheld by the instinctive conviction of men; it is proved by the course of the world's history all the great moral and intellectual advances of man have profited society, all the great social advances have profited the individual mind. So much for civilisation in general.

He was a man shaped according to Machiavelli's standard of political morality self-reliant, using craft and force with cold indifference to moral ends, bent only upon wringing for himself the largest share of this world's power for men who, like himself, identified virtue with unflinching and immitigable egotism.

"Nobody'd ask you to do more than you could," he remarked, rather coldly. "It'll never be much," sighed Anthony. "Well, the world's nothing, if you come to look at it close," the farmer adopted a similar tone. "What's money!" said Anthony.

It should not consist so much of the conceits of a single brain perhaps half turned as of the logical deductions of severe science, and facts gleaned from the world's history. Here is a nation, or tribe of men, bringing up children to certain habits, from generation to generation and such and such is their character.

I will take your hand I will own you my father face the world's contempt, and we will bear our disgrace together as best me may. She would have done it, at all risk, and I have pitied her. It is so clear her, and give her the name she is entitled to, that at last I have spoken the truth.

Since the gold discovery in 1853 the Ballarat mines taking the three kinds of mining together have contributed to the world's pocket something over three hundred millions of dollars, which is to say that this nearly invisible little spot on the earth's surface has yielded about one-fourth as much gold in forty-four years as all California has yielded in forty-seven.

However various the required reduplications may be in their form, they are the same in kind with the sample which is here exhibited. Besides this more obvious and literal application, almost all the expositors find in the parable an allegorical representation of the world's lost state and Christ's redeeming work.

The horse shook his head and rattled his harness impatiently, as much as to say, 'You get back onto your box and attend to your business and I'll attend to mine." That intellectuality is one of the traits of the Swedes and Norwegians alike is evidenced in the long list of names that have become famous in the world's literature.

Conceive yourself at the door of the world's treasure-house guarded by a child an idle irresponsible child playing knuckle-bones on whose favor depends the gift of the key, and you will imagine one-half my torment. Till that evening Charlie had spoken nothing that might not lie within the experiences of a Greek galley-slave.

That while every minister thinks this, he would himself far rather be governed even by one of the world's people, than by a minister of any other belief than his own. So you see they really do think the same as we do about it; only they do not always know it."