Confest: but I have no mind to come to issue with a Lawyer; when he should consider my cause at home, heele be at Westminster, teaching men the Statutes. No, no, I wo'not marry a Judge. Co. Why, Lady? Sis. They are casuall things and men that hold such strange opinions. Co.

So, so, do not troble me; I am now in some little ease; its a heavenly thing to be goeing. Ri. Dost heare? La. Your noise will bring my paine back agen; if you knew what a vexation it were for me to speake, You wo'not put me too't so. If you doe talke I wo'not answere a word more, oh! Ri. Well by this no light ile to London tomorrow.

"I wo'not," said the little Julian. "How?" said the lady, "so young and so disobedient? but you do but follow the fashion of the time. Why will you not go, my pretty boy, when I ask it of you as a favour?"

Upon condition, sir, you will requite me But with one gentle favour. Cou. Any thing Sis. You must sitt downe and heare me then while I At a distance thus deliver Cou. Tis more state. Sis. I am most unfortunate. Cou. In what, deare Damsell? Sis. And much wrongd by a gentleman I lov'd. Cou. Can he be a gentleman that dares Wrong so much love and beauty? what's the offence? Sis. He wo'not love agen.

You wo'not put me, sir, together againe. Cou. I wo'not take the paines. Why do you smile now? De. At your conceite to thinke I was a Clock: I am a watch, I never strike. Hee's valiant. Cou. You have pretty colours there; are these your Mistresses? De. If you did know the mistery you would applaud 'em. Have you read Livre de blason? What meane you? Cou. I will bestow 'em, sir, upon some forehorse?

I do not like this stratageme; Sir Francis Must not heere practise his Court tricks; I wo'not Enter Surgeon. Trust my wives surgerie. Hee's come. How ist, Noble Sir Francis? Enter Underwit, Dorothy, Captaine, Thomas. Un. Madam and gentlemen, Mistris Dorothy wo'not acknowledge she is a knight's daughter; she sweares she knows no Littleland. Do.

Stand but to'th fate of this, and if it faile I will sitt downe a Convert and renounce All wanton hope hereafter. Deerest Madam, If you did meane before this honour to me, Let not your loving thoughts freeze in a Minuit. My genius is a prophet. Do. Sir Richard, Madam, Is comeing this way. Fra. Shall I hope agen? La. I wo'not say you shall despaire. Fra. Do.