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The part of Thessaly opposite the Negropont is the ancient Myseria and the first scene of the memorable Argonautic Expedition. Volo was Iolcos, from which Jason embarked his band of adventurers. Pelion is seen from the gulf.

It is an art, requiring training and practice, and thorough mental discipline. You might as well, on seeing the Writing-Master executing those marvels of penmanship, or the Drawing-Teacher with deft fingers limning with ease forms of grace and beauty, resolve to go forthwith to the board and do the same thing, as expect, by a mere sic volo, to become a student.

But enough of this, for there is truth in the old saying: 'Si brevis esse volo, obscurus fio', and I believe that, without offending against modesty, I can apply to myself the following words of my dear Virgil: 'Nec sum adeo informis: nuper me in littore vidi Cum placidum ventis staret mare.

As he was "doing" Florence in about three days, he never found me out. The next I heard of him he was "doing" Rome. "Cavallo"! he roared "Portéz me cavallo!" "Cavallo!" repeated the waiter, with the characteristic Italian shrug. Then followed more execrable Italian, and the waiter brought him something which elicited "Non volo! non volo!" I liked my new quarters very much.

Est nimis omnipotens malum!" "Quid vis dicere?" said the priest, looking puzzled. "Quid tibi vis?" "Est nimis sempiternum durum!" "In nomine omnium sanctorum apostolorumque," cried the priest, "quid vis dicere?" "Potes ne juvare nos," continued Tozer, "in hoc lachrymabile tempore? Volo unum verum vivum virum qui possit "

Barre, without being in the least taken aback, replied that he would make the demon say it if God permitted, and ordered the spirit to answer in Gaelic. But though he repeated his command twice, it was not obeyed; on the third repetition the superior said "Deus non volo."

If thou wouldst have the Lord steadfast in mercy, be thou merciful toward thy brethren, thy friends, and thy enemies; otherwise thou too shalt be smitten by the scourges prepared for the rest of Italy. 'Misericordiam volo, crieth the Lord unto ye. Woe to him that obeyeth not his commands!"

"Id primum scias volo, me libertatem et otium litterarum praeponere rebus caeteris, quae plures existimant permaximi, atque optant.

It is important that no set of persons should be able, even temporarily, to make their sic volo prevail without asking any one else for his consent.

Howandiver, if it's for a taste ov classic conwersation you are, jist to put us in mind ov ould Cordarius," says he, "here's at you." And wid that he lets fly at his Holiness wid his health in Latin. "Vesthræ Sanctitatis salutem volo," says he. "Here's to you wid the same," says the Pope, in the raal Ciceronian. "Nunc poculum alterhum imple," says he.