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I do confess that ideas such as these here indicated exercise a strong fascination on my mind. Is then the magnetic field really viscous, and if so, what substance exists in it and the wire to produce the viscosity? Let us first look at the proved effects, and afterwards turn our thoughts back upon their cause.

This is not entirely a prohibitive drawback, the chief objection being that it necessitates quite frequently cleaning the cooling coil, and the oil piping and bearings. Some high-class mineral oils of high viscosity are inclined to emulsify with water, which emulsion appears as a jelly-like substance.

In order to keep out water which may be struck in passing through the various strata, it is protected by plank or wood tubbing, or the shaft is bricked over, or sometimes even cast-iron segments are sunk. In many shafts which, owing to their great depth, pass through strata of every degree of looseness or viscosity, all three methods are utilised in turn.

They think that the slowing of the heart after such purging may be, due to an increased viscosity of the blood, or perhaps to a reflex irritation from the purgative on the intestinal canal. Pharmacol. and Exper. Chloroform, of course, depressed the vasomotor center, but ether had no effect on this center, or slightly stimulated it.

We drank considerable quantities of it in the evening before we went to bed, and very early in the morning, without feeling the least injurious effect. The viscosity of this milk alone renders it a little disagreeable. The negroes and the free people who work in the plantations drink it, dipping into it their bread of maize or cassava.

M. Duhem has approached the problem from another side, and endeavours to bring it within the range of thermodynamics. Yet ordinary thermodynamics could not account for experimentally realizable states of equilibrium in the phenomena of viscosity and friction, since this science declares them to be impossible.

The curves yielded by three gums 2, 7, and 8 changed between 90° C and 100° C., while gum sample 4 has a curve bending between 60° C. and 70° C. Experimentally this increase of viscosity of the latter gum above 60° C. was confirmed, but the critical point of the other solutions tried approaches too nearly to the boiling point of water for experiments to be conducted with accuracy, as the temperature of the bulbs diminishes sensibly while the experiment is being made.

The thrush is a distemper that children are very subject to, and it arises from bad milk, or from foul humour in the stomach; for sometimes, though there be no ill humour in the milk itself, yet it may corrupt the child's stomach because of its weakness or some other indisposition; in which, acquiring an acrimony, instead of being well digested, there arise from it thrice biting vapours, which forming a thick viscosity, do thereby produce this distemper.

It might be added that high-grade oils having a high viscosity might not be the most suitable for turbine use. Since the consumption of oil in a turbine is so very small, being practically due only to leakage or spilling, the price paid for it should therefore be of secondary importance, the prime consideration being its suitability for the purpose.

Sir George Airey has suggested to me that the reason of the particles of air not rising as they are heated, when there is no wind blowing, may be due to their viscosity: and this suggestion is correct. That air does not always rise when heated, appears from the hot winds of Australia, which blow from the heated interior towards the cooler south, instead of rising directly upwards.