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"You'll do for this trip. I'm glad you know how to rough it. I onct had a bunch of tenderfeet along young fellers from the East, who had never roughed it before and, believe me, what those chaps didn't know would fill a boomer's wagon twict over.

For our second expedition we selected the Guas Ngishu Plateau, the Nzoia River, and Mount Elgon. It is a long trip which involves elaborate preparation and some difficulty in keeping up supplies for the camp and the porters.

He says the other girls treated him nicely, but the old lady, she has got it bad. He says that she just languishes on a sofa, cuts into the conversation now and then, and simply swells up. She don't let the old man come into the parlor at all. Jed says that when the girls were describing their trip through Europe, one of them happened to mention Rome, when the old lady interrupted: 'Rome? Rome?

They might link you up with the Hawaiian Garden, or the trip to the camp that night grandmother was hurt. Just let our friendship be a little secret between you and me." "'You and me," Quin repeated the words softly to himself, as he stood there among the objects made sacred by her one-time presence.

She says " here Joan referred to the letter; "'I am going to try and keep him until you come and see him. Joan, he is worth a trip from Chicago." "You are going?" asked Patricia. "Pat I am. Only for a visit, but suddenly I find myself crazy hungry for them all.

It may help some." "Well, I don't know an awful lot," went on George, as he accepted a chair that Jack pushed out for him. "I was coming in from a little trip to town when I saw, coming across the campus, two fellows at least I thought they were two of our fellows, but when they got under one of the lights I saw it was Sam and the old farmer.

Emerson, as a matter of principle, was rather averse from travel, though he made the trip to England twice; but he fortified his theory by his practice of searching out great men rather than historic or picturesque places. Ruskin's Modern Painters had not been written when Emerson first left home, and I doubt if he read it at any time.

We congratulate ourselves that our visit was before this passed away, as we know of no drive equal to that we have now enjoyed twice, and the last time even more than the first. During our trip down yesterday I counted within forty miles eleven schools filled with young Cingalese.

He says there's only one other not attached to military units that he could recommend a Canadian. But the plague of it is, the man can't be located." "Might I ask the nature of your proposed trip?" asked Bruce then bit his lip a second too late. "You might not" The Major snapped out the words. Then in a kindlier tone, "My secret is not entirely my own.

"I learned at Lenox all that I came to America to find out. I wanted to return to England without creating suspicion, so I hired a substitute to continue my trip." "And he was killed?" she exclaimed. "Yes!" I answered. "I insured his life, and I presume he knew his risks. In any case, the life of one man was a small thing compared with you know what."