Clotilde remarked that he had many friends, all men of eminence, and a large following among the people. He assented: 'Yes: Tresten, Retka, Kehlen, the Nizzian. Yes, if I were other than for legality: if it came to a rising, I could tell off able lieutenants. 'Tell me of your interview with Ironsides, she said proudly and fondly.

This immediate prospect of a return to serenity after his recent charioteering, had set him thinking of himself and his days to come, which hung before him in a golden haze that was tranquillizing. He had a name, he had a station: he wanted power and he saw it approaching. He wanted a wife too. Colonel von Tresten took coffee with him previous to the start with Dr.

Colonel von Tresten, however, was very far from offering himself in such a shape to a girl that had jilted the friend he loved, insulted the woman he esteemed; and he stood there like a figure of soldierly complacency in marble. Her pencilled acknowledgement of the baroness's letter, and her reply to it almost as much, was construed as an intended insult to that lady, whose champion Tresten was.

What character of man is this Dr. Storchel? Tresten described Count Hollinger's envoy, so quaintly deputed to act the part of legal umpire in a family business, as a mild man of law with no ideas or interests outside the law; spectacled, nervous, formal, a stranger to the passions; and the baroness was amused to hear of Storchel and Alvan's placid talk together upon themes of law, succeeded by the little advocate's bewildered fright at one of Alvan's gentler explosions.

As it is, I have acted in obedience to his wishes, without idle remonstrances I know him too well; and with as much cordiality as I could put into an evil service. She will drag him down, down, Tresten! 'They are not joined yet, said the colonel. 'She has him by the worst half of him.

There was a short black eruption. Alvan controlled it, to ask hastily what the baroness thought and what she had heard of Clotilde. Tresten made sign that it was nothing of the best.

But his heart is on her, and he must have her, I suppose; and I shall have to bear her impertinences, or sign my demission and cease to labour for the cause at least in conjunction with Alvan. And how other wise? He is the life of it, and I am doomed to uselessness. Tresten nodded a protesting assent.

He gathered and drilled a legion of spies, and showered his gold in bribes and plots to get the letter to her, to get an interview one human word between them. His friend Colonel von Tresten was beside him when he received the enemy's counter-stroke. Count Walburg and his companion brought a letter from Clotilde no reply; a letter renouncing him.

But he knew her so well: she would not trifle very long: his life on it, that she will soon falter! her bosom will lift, lift and check: a word from Tresten then, if he is a friend, and she melts to the truth in her. Alvan heard her saying: 'I will see him yes, to-day. Let him appoint. He may come when he likes come at once'

Can she think it much to have married that drab-coloured unit? Power must be grasped.... His watch told him that Tresten was now beholding her, or just about to. The stillness of the heavens was remarkable. The hour held breath. She delayed her descent from her chamber. He saw how she touched at her hair, more distinctly than he saw the lake before his eyes.