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"Well, buy these bonds for me in Dresden cheap, and you shall have this coveted title," said the noble author of the "Henriade," and other world-renowned works. "I will buy them at thirty-five thalers." "And you will invest eighteen thousand thalers at this rate. Our contract is made; now we will count the gold. I have not the ready money I will give you drafts come into my study.

"What woman can boast of such dazzling fire in her eyes?" said he, laughing; "what woman can say that their color is worth twenty-two thousand thalers? It is true they glisten and shimmer in all lights and shades that is their weakness and their folly. With you, beautiful gems! these changing hues are a virtue. Oh, to think that with this handful of flashing stones I could buy a bag of ducats!

Here is the bill of sale; only the name of the present possessor is wanting, the signature of the purchaser, and the payment of seven thousand five hundred thalers." "The names can be quickly written; but, your excellency," cried the prince, "where will the money come from?" "I have just given your royal highness the key to the little box: have the goodness to press hard upon the rosette."

This letter, written with his own blood upon a piece of linen, had been forwarded through Gefhart's mistress, the Jewess Rebecca, to Weingarten. He delivered it to the princess, and received, through Pollnitz, two thousand thalers, which he did not hand over to Rebecca, but retained for himself, and betrayed to the king Trenck's intended flight.

Douglas, and we cannot lay claim to anything better with our miserable two thousand thalers; therefore, let us seize upon it promptly." And without taking time to say good-bye to the sick woman, he strode away. A few minutes later she heard his dog-cart driving away through the gate. In the afternoon of the same day a strange visitor was announced.

Pardon me, I can tell you that in fewer words. I give my daughter as dowry, forty thousand thalers, and a yearly pin-money of two thousand thalers. I will bear the expense of the wedding. But that is all. I trust that this is not Your Majesty's real intention. Baronet Hotham, I beg you will not include such a declaration in the protocol. Not include it in the protocol?

"I will then accord your wishes, and you shall have the five hundred thalers for yourself." "For me alone?" "Yes, for yourself alone, Frau von Werrig." "Who vouches for the fulfilment of your promise?" "My word, Frau von Werrig." "I have no confidence but in a written promise." "Then I will have it made out, and bring you the document to-morrow morning."

Nikolas Rocherath could not contain himself any longer at the sight of such generosity so much money on the table, and that woman could still hesitate? He rushed up to her and shook her by the shoulders: "Are you quite mad? Six hundred thalers on the table and you don't take them? What man here can say he has six hundred thalers in cash? What money, what a sum of money!"

Frederick, who dreaded ill results from the marriage, refused this, and also refused to let ambassadors to Hesse pass through his kingdom. And now Erik spoiled all by his faithless versatility. On the 11th of October he sent an order to some agents of his in Germany to proceed to Hesse with a betrothal ring, worth six thousand thalers, for the princess.

You must marry, professor, and the lady must be rich. This state of things cannot continue; you must take a wife, for you cannot live on your celebrity." "No, Conrad, but on my salary," said Gellert. "I receive two hundred and fifty thalers from my professorship; only think, two hundred and fifty thalers! That is a great deal for a German poet, Conrad; I should consider myself most fortunate.