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The screw S2 should be so adjusted as to prevent the armature actually touching the cores of the magnets when attracted. The ends of the magnet winding wire, after being scraped, are clipped tightly against the base by the binding posts T1 T2. Batteries. The dry cells used for electric bells are the most convenient batteries to use.

For B2 one must use very springy brass strip, a piece about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide being needed. Bend it to the arc of a large circle, and screw one end down to the base by the binding screw T2. The other end, which should not touch the base, is confined by the heads of a couple of small screws, by means of which the strip is adjusted relatively to the wipe. Fixing the Coil.

Kepler's formula- r1^3 / r2^3 = t1^2 / t2^2 may be written also r1^3 / t1^2 = r2^3 / t2^2 and this again in the generalized form: r3 / t2 = c. Obviously, by each of these steps we diminish the reality-value of the formula. In its original form, we find spatial extension compared with spatial extension, and temporal extension with temporal extension.

A piece of wood, 2 inches long, wide enough to fill the space between the rear edge of the clock and the hammer slot, and 1/2 inch thick, has its under side hollowed out to the curvature of the clock barrel. This block serves as a base for two binding posts or terminals, T1 T2. To the back of the other end of the strip solder a piece of 1/20 inch wire, projecting l inch below the strip.

Assemble the rocking lever in its support and the rod forks, and solder on the support. To the back end of R2 solder a steel plate, A, which must be bored for the pin in the valve fork, after the correct position has been ascertained by careful measurement. The stops, T1 T2, are small, adjustable collars, kept tightly in place on R1 by screws. Setting the Striker. Assemble all the parts.

On it are two adjustable stops, T1 T2, which S strikes alternately towards the end of a stroke, causing the valve to shift over and expose the other side of the piston to steam pressure.

The current collector, CR, should be well turned up at the end, so as not to catch on the centre rail joints, and not press hard enough on the rail to cause noticeable resistance. The fixed end of CR is connected through T2 with one brush, B, and both wheel bearings with T1. Electrical Fittings. The best source of power to use is dry cells giving 1-1/2 to 2 volts each.

But it has the advantage of being very easy to make. How it works. T2 is connected to one end of the coil winding, and T1 through a 4-volt accumulator or three dry cells, with the other end of the coil. When W touches B2 the circuit is completed, and the coil draws in the plunger, the contact being broken before the plunger gets home.

D, in the apertures, T1, or T2, of the connecting rod. This permits the travel, and consequently the degree of immersion, to be varied. The device requires three wires, two for connecting the lamp with the battery, and one for maneuvering the apparatus through a closing of the contact, B. With Mr.

He had been in Section T2, on his way to the lock, and suddenly the floor had risen under him and Wheel Five had seemed to crash into pieces around him. The cold, the pain You're in a starship. You're all right. For God's sake why did his mind keep telling him things like that, things he believed?