So Maya told of all the remarkable things she had seen and heard, of Miss Loveydear with the glittering wings, of the grasshopper, of Thekla the spider, of Puck, and of how splendidly Bobbie had come to her rescue. When she told of the sprite and the human beings, it was so quiet in the hall that you could hear the generators in the back of the hive kneading the wax.

We were crossing the Calendaro, a sluggish stream which carefully collects all the waters of this region only to lose them again in a swamp not far distant; and it was positively as if some impish sprite had leapt out of those noisome waves, boarded the train, and flung himself into me, after the fashion of the "Horla" in the immortal tale.

The Prince then told her why he had left his city, and what he intended to do when he had found the Princess. "But where I am going," he said, "I do not know, myself. I must travel and travel until I succeed in the object of my search." The Water Sprite reflected for a moment, and then she said: "If I were you, I would not travel to the north.

Clearly my nerves were all to pieces, for I gathered up my skirts and fled through the door as though a whole army of ghosts and cousins were at my heels, nor did I stop till I had reached the remote corner where my garden was. "Are you enjoying yourself, Elizabeth?" asked the mocking sprite that calls itself my soul: but I was too much out of breath to answer. This was really a very safe corner.

"And she clasped my hand," said Sprite, continuing the story, "and she never told me a word of all this, but, instead, she said: 'Come quick! Oh, come quick! and together we raced along until we met you, Polly. "Wasn't it funny? Rose knew why we were running, but I didn't. I ran because she told me to, and I had to, to keep up with her!" Princess Polly looked thoughtful.

He awoke one day to know that his beloved child had gone away to marry the handsome, swaggering, fiddle-playing good-for-nothing who had that winter given singing lessons in the village. Only once after that had he looked upon her face the face of a withered sprite, subdued by time.

The sprite of Colney Durance had struck him smartly overnight. Victor's internal crow was over Colney now. And when you have the optimist and pessimist acutely opposed in a mixing group, they direct lively conversations at one another across the gulf of distance, even of time. For a principle is involved, besides the knowledge of the other's triumph or dismay.

She was very angry, but she dared not say harsh words yet. She wanted this little Miss Seaford to like her, and to be willing to play with her, so she only repeated: "I say that that little girl in the picture is me!" Sprite turned toward the door. "Princess Polly may be looking for me," she said, "so I'll go, now."

Did the boy think of home of fire of bed? Not he! He thought only of Jenny Greenteeth, the sprite of the Clough, and of the Gin Spa Well, above which she was said to sleep; and on he roamed. And now the path became narrower and more tortuous, while on the steep sides the snow was gathering in ominous drifts.

It would be a nice ending to the canoe trip if we got locked up for trespassing. I hope the dollar will satisfy that man." "What are we going to do about Ned and Clay?" asked Nugget. "I'll attend to that," replied Randy, as he stepped into the Water Sprite and tied its stern to the bow of the Pioneer.