It usually communicates with the medial sac of the femerotibial joint cavity by a slit-like opening situated at the lowest part of the medial ridge of the trochlea. A similar, usually smaller, communication with the lateral sac of the femerotibial capsule is often found at the lowest part of the lateral ridge.

Without throwing the flap open, Prescott peeped through a slit-like opening. As he did so he saw something that made his eyes flash. The rain was pouring a little less heavily now. Down the company street came a cadet with a pail of water. It was Mr. Briggs, a round faced, laughter loving, somewhat roly poly lad of the plebe class. Just as Mr.

His garb was a strange mingling of the vaquero and the ecclesiastic velvet trousers, open from the knee down, and fringed with bullion buttons; a broad red sash around his waist, partly hidden by a long, straight chaqueta; with a circular sacerdotal cape of black broadcloth slipped over his head through a slit-like opening braided with gold.

The left chamber is 6 feet 6 inches broad, and from one corner, opposite the doorway, a low passageway leads into a circular chamber, 6 feet in diameter, with its floor below the platform of the lateral room. Between the chamber, on the left of the entrance, and the open air, the wall of solid rock is broken by a slit-like crevice, which allows the light to enter, and no doubt served as a window.

There were two pupils in the left eye, both to the outer side of the iris, one being slit-like and the other resembling the fourth pupil in the right eye. All six pupils commenced at the periphery, extended inward, and were of different sizes. The fundus could be clearly seen through all of the pupils, and there was no posterior staphyloma nor any choroidal changes.

Seth found himself confronting an Indian. The man was plastered with war-paint, and his befeathered head was an imposing sight. But, even in the darkness, he recognized the broad face and slit-like eyes of the scout, Jim Crow. He was fully armed, but the white man's gun held him covered. In response to the summons of the threatening weapon, the man laid his arms upon the ground.

Just back of the wings is a pair of balancers, short thread-like processes knobbed at the end. These probably represent the second pair of wings with which most insects are provided, and seem to serve as balancers or orienting organs when the insect is flying. On the sides of the thorax are two small slit-like openings, the breathing-pores.

The darkness hid the medley of odds and ends, of fishing-nets, broken spinning-wheels and worn-out sails, which littered their prison; but the inner of the two slit-like windows that lighted the room admitted a thin shaft of firelight that, dancing among the uncovered rafters, told of the orgy below.

Her face, too, had increased in shapelessness, the features being blurred in the fat mass; her blue eyes were more slit-like than before; and, to cap everything, her fine skin had absolutely no chance, so bespattered was it with freckles. And none of your pretty little sun-kisses; but large, black, irregular freckles that disfigured like moles.

"S'long," said Seth. The Indian turned and looked away to the north. It was the direction in which lay the great Reservations. Then he turned back, and his black, slit-like eyes shot a sidelong glance at his companion. "You go alone?" he asked. The other nodded indifferently. "Then I say sleep little and watch much I, Jim Crow." The two men parted.