"I can easily be spared, Uncle Everard. And I'm really not nearly so naughty as I used to be." He smiled at the words, but did not respond. "Where's Scooter?" he said. They spent some time hunting for him, but it was left to Peter finally to unearth him, for in the middle of the search Mrs.

We are not clever enough, either of us. Peter now " "Oh, is Peter a magician?" said Tessa, with shining eyes. "Peter, dear Peter," turning to him ecstatically as he appeared with a box in which to imprison her darling, "do you think you could possibly teach my little Scooter to talk?" Peter smiled all over his bronze countenance. "Missy sahib, only the Holy Ones can do that," he said.

Jig Hollins, the guy who had played it safe, was just as dead. Eileen Sands was a celebrity in Serene, in Pallastown and the whole Belt. Mex Ramos of the flapping squirrel tails on an old motor scooter now belonged to the history of exploration, though he no longer had real hands or feet, and, very likely, was now dead, somewhere out toward interstellar space.

She scrutinized him severely for a moment or two, then suddenly melted into a gleaming, responsive smile that illuminated her little pale face like a shaft of sunlight. She came close to him, and very graciously proffered Scooter for a caress. "You needn't be afraid of him. He doesn't bite," she said.

He licked his lips and flipped the telephone-talker switch. After a misconnection or two he got Control Tower. Control Tower said yes, they had a small exploratory scooter on hand. Yes, it could be controlled on a beam and fitted with cameras. But of course it was special equipment, emergency use only He cut them off and buzzed Simpson excitedly. "Cancel all I said about leaving. I mean.

Like most of them, Frank Nelsen took the scooter up alone, from the start. He was a bit scared at first, but if you couldn't do a relatively simple stunt like this, how could you get along in space? He became surer, then gleeful, even when the centrifugal force made his head giddy, pushed his buttocks hard against the scooter's seat, and his insides down against his pelvis.

Ramos let himself and the scooter through a massive, curved door conforming to the curvature of the walls at the base of the 'drome. "Secure the latch bar of this door from the outside, fellas," he said. "Then go to the gallery around the top to watch." Ramos started riding his scooter in a tight circle around the bottom of the 'drome.

In those tense seconds Scooter the mongoose by some means invisible became aware of the presence of the enemy. The lid of his box had already been loosened by Peter. With a frantic effort he forced it up and leapt free. In that moment Peter, realizing that another instant's delay might be fatal, pounced forward with a single swift swoop and seized the serpent-in his naked hands.

They grinned at each other as the scooter started and Eph jumped aboard grinned and waved to the people on the shore, their proud old thoughts crying: "I guess folks will see now that we're as young as we ever was!" They continued to grin as the boat spun into full flight and went whizzing over the ice, whizzing and bumping and bouncing.

The sudden approach of Tessa, scampering along the verandah in the wake of Scooter, sent a quick frown to her face, which deepened swiftly as Scooter, dodging nimbly, ran into the room and went to earth behind a bamboo screen. Tessa sprang in after him, but pulled up sharply at sight of her mother. The frown upon Netta's face was instantly reflected upon her own. She stood expectant of rebuke.