Two weeks on such a happy ship soon passed away, and then early one morning the grey dome of Mount Tofua stood out from the mantle of mist which hid its verdant sides; and ere the sun had dried the heavy night dews on the gaily-coloured crotons and waving pampas grass which grew just above the beach, the brave ship dropped anchor once more in Samatau Bay amidst a scene of the wildest confusion.

Why, I thought it was somethink serious. You can depend on me," and he poured out some more liquor. "Here's luck to you, Captain. I consider as that fifty pound is in my pocket already." Two days later the schooner came sweeping round the western point of Samatau Bay and then hove-to abreast of the house.

"It makes me feel as if I were a real missing princess, Captain Frewen." "So you were until to-night. Well, from the New Hebrides we went north to the Solomons, where we were singularly fortunate in getting five hundred natives in a few weeks without any trouble. I landed them at Samatau without losing a single man, and they are now working on the new plantation as happy as sand-boys.

And then, whilst we are being towed towards Samatau, we can overhaul poor Captain Marston's cabin. All the specie, so this scoundrel tells me" and he pointed to the Chileno steward "is still in a safe in the captain's cabin, and has not yet been touched. But it was to be divided to-morrow." And then Randall Cheyne sprang on deck and shouted out in Samoan "Friends, the ship is ours!

"I arrived at Samatau in the Esmeralda about a fortnight after Villari left there, and found Mrs. Raymond alone and distracted with fear for your safety. During the following week, one of the schooners which were out searching for you returned. Raymond was on board. He had been searching through the windward islands of the Fiji Group, but without of course finding a trace of the missing vessel.

It would be impossible for her to go to sea now her poor husband is dead. And she knows no one in Manila. So you must be content to remain here at Samatau as my welcome guest. Frewen will take the ship to Manila, and then decide as to his future course. He thinks that after selling the cargo at Manila he should proceed to Australia for a cargo of coal for Valparaiso.

Then followed a long list of stores, trade goods, arms, ammunition, &c, &c, which Raymond wished Frewen to purchase in Sydney, and the letter concluded with a request for him to leave for Samatau as quickly as possible. On a separate sheet he made mention of Villari, saying that he had thoroughly recovered from his wound and was living at Apia.

The worthy merchant a little stout man with merry, twinkling eyes was listening to the detailed story of the capture of the ship by the mutineers, her subsequent recapture, and of all that had occurred since she had been brought to an anchor in front of Raymond's house in Samatau Bay. Mercado himself, four months previously, had received a letter from Mrs.

The other went farther away and eastward, and called his village Fasitoouta, "Bit-of-the-stick-inland." Samatau, "Sacred-on-the-right-side," from a large canoe belonging to the king of Tonga once anchored there, and which, owing to the illness of a lady on board, was made sacred to visitors on the right side.

"The ship at this time was in the Straits of Manono, and the boat was headed for the nearest land, which was Samatau the four unwounded men keeping to the oars most manfully, only taking short spells every hour.