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A greater contrast than these two presented could scarcely be imagined. Macfarlane was tall and ungainly, with large loose joints that seemed to protrude angularly out of him in every direction, Duprez was short, slight and wiry, with a dapper and by no means ungraceful figure.

As we pass from the Valley to the Mountain Tinguian, and from them to the Apayao, we find the average stature almost constant, but the head becomes longer; there is a greater tendency for the cheekbones to protrude and the face to be angular, and there is a more frequent development of the supra-orbital ridges.

Billy!" shouted the skipper, who was steering; "come here, boy. You didn't come aboard to idle, you know; I've let you have a good look at the sea all for nothin'. It's time now that you went to work to larn your duties. Zulu!" The last word caused a woolly head to protrude from the after hatchway, revealing a youth about twice the size of Billy.

"'Whence are these weals and scars? asked I, 'and what signifies this protrusion of thy bones? "'The weals and the scars, answered he, 'proceed from the floggings inflicted upon me by command of the Caliph; and my bones protrude by reason of the omission of his officers to furnish me with either food or drink in the dungeon wherein I was imprisoned by his orders.

All the minor ridges and valleys are levelled and concealed under a general covering of snow, but here and there some steep mountains protrude abruptly from the icy slope, and a few superficial lines of stones or moraines are visible at certain seasons, when no snow has fallen for many months, and when evaporation, promoted by the wind and sun, has caused much of the upper snow to disappear.

A horse goes down entire, but a cow sticks at the horns, which the anaconda cannot swallow. They are allowed to protrude from its mouth until they decay and drop off.

"See the bones in her neck, Janet, they protrude like pulpy blisters, and she looks flat of chest for a waist so abbreviated." "I see thine eyes are ever upon nature, and 'tis best if thy gaze can penetrate the heart as well." "Surely we have intuition, and I like not Constance." "How about my lord with the rose?" "I like him." "Oh, impressionable youth!

It is true that the Amphibia have two lungs, right and left. Ventral and pectoral walls are removed. The greater part of the body-cavity is taken up with the liver, from the middle part of which the caecum and the vermiform appendix protrude. Immediately behind the single structure of the thyroid gland a median groove, the rudiment of the trachea, is detached from the gullet.

From this steppe, the ascent to Punkabaree is sudden and steep, and accompanied with a change in soil and vegetation. The mica slate and clay slate protrude everywhere, the former full of garnets. A giant forest replaces the stunted and bushy timber of the Terai Proper; of which the Duabanga and Terminalias form the prevailing trees, with Cedrela and the Gordonia Wallichii.

There must sometimes be a physical impossibility in the male element reaching the ovule, as would be the case with a plant having a pistil too long for the pollen-tubes to reach the ovarium. It has also been observed that when the pollen of one species is placed on the stigma of a distantly allied species, though the pollen-tubes protrude, they do not penetrate the stigmatic surface.