If the Missionaries did it, it would be called Looting. If the Common People did it, it would be called Petit Larceny. But with us, it is merely a Student Prank." "I understand," said Father. "Nothing can be more playful than to nail a Tombstone and use it for a Paper-Weight." "Would you like to look around the Institution?" asked Buchanan. "Indeed, I should," was the Reply.

Wiping his clammy palms upon one of the handkerchiefs purchased on his wedding tour, the texture of which always gave him a pleasurable sense of refinement and well-being, he read again the line which showed below the paper-weight: There's one thing sure we're down and out. Symes's head sunk weakly forward. Down and out! Not even Mudge knew how far down and out!

Certainly such a tomb would make Jenkins turn in his grave. He spread the plan on the table, with a paper-weight on each corner, and sat down before it. After considering it for an hour, he arose dissatisfied. "Jenkins had a heap of flowers over him common flowers, to be sure, but fresh enough. I dare say I could arrange for a supply, though. It's that confounded doggerel

On a writing-table in one of the bedrooms, Gimblet found a paper-weight in the bronze shape of a Spanish toro, head down, tail brandishing, a fine emblem of goaded rage.

Quest stood over the body of his valet for a moment. The man was obviously dead. The Inspector took his handkerchief and covered up the head. A few feet away was a heavy paper-weight. "Killed by a blow from behind," French remarked grimly, "with that little affair. Look here!" They glanced down at the girl. Quest's eyebrows came together quickly.

On the mantelpiece were a small bronze clock, a quaint Chinese teapot and a pair of delicately-flowered Sèvres vases. On the table the engraved tooth of a sperm whale did duty as a paper-weight, a miniature gondola held an inkstand and pens, and a sprig of red coral with a sabre-shaped ivory blade formed the most beautiful paper-knife I ever saw.

'I wish you would, and get a piece of it polished, which I will use as a paper-weight. 'What are your orders for the rest of the barrel? 'What did you intend doing with it? said the young woman. 'Well, I was thinking the best plan would be to send some of it to each of the pottery works in this country, and get their orders for more of the stuff, if they want to use it.

On the table lay a pile of typewritten letters, awaiting his signature, and another pile not yet opened and secured from the late summer breeze by a glass paper-weight. It was shaped like a horse-shoe and had been sent him on his first night, to be followed by a telegram: "Best wishes for all possible success Agnes."

Then the same Woman, standing up, her hands ecclesiastically shrouded in her sleeves, looks at the two children to whom she is speaking; Maximin, with hair curled like a poodle, twirling a cap like a raised pie, in his hand; Mélanie buried in a cap with deep frills and accompanied by a dog like a paper-weight all in bronze.

The Superintendent disclaims all authority, and refers me to you." "Sit down," said Harvey, waiting for McNally to continue. Evidently McNally preferred to stand. "I wish to see some one in authority, Mr. West." "You may talk with me." "You are you in authority?" Harvey bowed, and fingered a paper-weight. "I don't understand this, West." He glanced at the deputy. "I wish to see you alone."