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"He seemed so lonely," Emily explained, "and with Christmas coming I couldn't feel comfortable to think of him away from it all." Jean showed Derry her midnight camels. "I am going to do peacocks next," she told him. "I am so proud." He bought all of the camels and a lot of other things. "We'll take them to Margaret Morgan's kiddies tomorrow; I want you to meet her."

A very clear statement of the whole question of Indian management, and of the assumption of the North-West Territories, may be found in Mr. Henry J. Morgan's Annual Register for 1878; while the same admirable work, gives from year to year, a capital resume of the condition of the tribes.

Morgan was greatly agitated. He stopped there, looking earnestly into the judge's face. "Why have you waited so long?" asked the judge, sternly. Morgan leaned over, clutching at the judge's arm. "Am I too late is it over have they convicted him?" he asked. "Yes, it's over," nodded the judge, studying Morgan's face narrowly.

Ohio is herself built upon so grand a scale that even her enemies seem to have been cast in a noble mold; and the jokes upon her own people that form the life of most of the stories of Morgan's raid are as large as he.

Lincoln, or any other representative of his party; unless it was immediately after some of John Morgan's men, in his celebrated raid through Ohio, spent a few hours in the village. The rebels helped themselves to whatever they could find, horses, boots and shoes, especially horses, and many ordered meals to be prepared for them by the families.

It was signed "John Morgan," and the signature was Morgan's own. "I gave the order only last night. How could Morgan have heard of it so soon, and how could he have got this note to me? Could he have come back?" "Impossible," said the staff-officer. "He wouldn't dare come back now."

There was evidently some understanding with a detachment he had left in Kentucky, for on the 11th General Manson, of Judah's division, who was on his way with a brigade from Louisville to Madison by steamboats under naval convoy, fell in with a party of Morgan's men seeking to cross the river at Twelve-mile Island, a little below Madison.

He called Morgan's home on the telephone, then the detective bureau, and two nearby precinct stations that Morgan might have been likely to drop into while waiting to telephone him. Morgan's mother said he had left early, and the detective bureau informed Marsh that they had not heard from Morgan again after receiving a report from him early in the day.

To Morgan's relief and hope this man went further as he put his view of the case, even so far as to question their right to hang the granger at all. They clamored against him and tried to scoff him down, moving with drunken, scuffing feet near the spot where Morgan lay, as if to put the sentence into immediate execution.

I thought this was your first trip." "So it is," answered the boy, with a flush of evident annoyance, "on the sea." "What do you mean by 'on the sea'?" "I mean that I've done it many a time on the chart. I know every bluff and reef and shoal and cay around Andros from Morgan's Bluff to Washerwoman's Cut " "You do, eh?" "On the chart.

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