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I did not suffer by my master's death, for his widow kept me in her service. I had attended on Mr. Norcross all through his last illness, and had made myself useful enough to win my mistress's favor and gratitude. Besides me she also retained her maid in her service a quadroon woman named Josephine, whom she brought with her from the West Indies.

But June knew her business better than to tell her little mistress's secrets; and her face shewed no more of them, than it shewed of her own. When she returned, Daisy was on her knees, with her face hidden in her hands, at the foot of the bed.

"I would I had good ghostly counsel, though," replied the steward, not attending to his mistress's rebuke, and seeming to speak to himself. "This woman of Moab " "Speak of her with reverence," said the Lady; "she is a king's daughter." "Be it so," replied Dryfesdale; "she goes where there is little difference betwixt her and a beggar's child Mary of Scotland is dying."

"Céline," simpered Miss Arthur, while the damsel addressed was brushing out her mistress's hair, preparatory to building it into a French wonder; "Céline, I may be wrong in talking so freely to you about myself and my my friends, but I observe that you never presume in the least " "Oh, mademoiselle, I could never do that!" cooed the girl, with wicked double meaning.

These Servants of the Ladies were used to imitate their Manner of Conversation, and allude to one another, rather than interchange Discourse in what they said when they met. Tulip the other Day seized his Mistress's Hand, and repeated out of Ovid's Art of Love, Upon hearing this, Crastin, with an Air of Deference, played Honoria's Fan, and repeated,

It was not the amount of eightpences, but the quantity of gin which told fatally against poor James's character, when his aunt's butler, Mr. Bowls, went down at his mistress's request to pay the young gentleman's bill.

Maybe, too, it is true as he says, that he is voudoued." One day at high noon the master was taken sick with fever. The third noon after the sad wife sitting by the bedside suddenly, right in the centre of the room, with the door open behind him, stood the magnificent, half-nude form of Bras-Coupé. He did not fall down as the mistress's eyes met his, though all his flesh quivered.

His young mistress's voice was a sufficient command; he yielded; he pitched a smart sigh and stepped into her presence for his countenance to be seen, or the show of a countenance, that it presented.

The very next day another visitor came to Margaret, and found the military enslaved and degraded, Martin up to his elbows in soapsuds, and Denys ironing very clumsily, and Margaret plaiting ruffs, but with a mistress's eye on her raw levies. To these there entered an old man, venerable at first sight, but on nearer view keen and wizened. "Ah," cried Margaret.

The King, having caused the time of his rival's coming to be watched, when he was informed of his being there, went to his mistress's room. He found her in bed, and she complained of a violent headache. The King said he was very hungry, and wanted some supper; she replied that she had not thought about supper, and believed she had only a couple of partridges.

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