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Won't it be larks?" Ajax answered, without any enthusiasm, "Won't it?" and stared at the young, pretty face smiling up at him. "Angela is as keen about this place as I am," continued the fond and beaming Jim. "It's going to be Eden for her too, God bless her!" Ajax said thoughtfully, "Misterton, you're a lucky devil!" We gleaned a few more details.

Without the Mistertons you would never have sold this ranch to Thorpe. One moment. It is in your power to do these people a service, and it will cost you nothing. Jim Misterton was a clerk in London, and a capable one, but his health broke down. He came out here to the brush-hills. He got back his health, but he's lost everything else. Give him a place in this bank.

Seddon celebrated her return by giving an afternoon reception at short notice, with the clear intention of letting every one out into the garden if the weather held. The Seddons had a big old farmhouse modified to modern ideas of comfort on the road out towards Misterton, with an orchard that had been rather pleasantly subdued from use to ornament. It had rich blossoming cherry and apple trees.

Thorpe mastered the colt which had thrown Jim; Thorpe, when fresh meat was wanted, killed handsomely the fat buck missed by the over-eager James; Thorpe made a pretty profit over a hog deal at the psychological moment when poor Misterton allowed three Poland-China sows to escape through an improperly constructed fence! Thorpe was a man. Did Angela think of Jim as a mouse?

Her eyes were wet with tears. She clung to me and was near, I felt, to sobbing. "I have loved you," she whispered presently, "Oh! ever since we met in Misterton six years and more ago."

If I could get a billet as clerk in San Lorenzo, if " He clenched his fists, unable to articulate another word, then, very slowly, he went on: "Boys, I'd give my life to get Angela away from Paradise." "We'll help you," said Ajax. "Mrs. Misterton would be much happier in San Lorenzo," I added. Jim flushed scarlet. "Angela married the wrong man," he said deliberately. Ajax interrupted.

We made that Misterton tea-party and the subsequent marriages of my cousins and the world of Burslem generally, matter for quite an agreeable conversation until at last Altiora, following her invariable custom, called me by name imperatively out of our duologue. "Mr.

"Ah! Well, indirectly, I suppose, we can thank you for this deal." "You can thank Jim Misterton and his wife." "I have not the pleasure of knowing them. They had something to do with this, eh?" "Everything." The president frowned; his voice was not quite so pleasant as he said "Are they likely to claim a commission?" "Certainly not. All the same, something is due.

The whole range of the hill can be traversed as far as Selworthy Beacon, and a descent may be made either to Wood Combe or Greenaleigh farm. Misterton, a village 1/2 m. S.E. of Crewkerne. Its church is of no antiquarian interest, though it possesses an ancient font. Monksilver, a parish 3 m. S. of Williton, rather less from Stogumber Station. The last half of the name is probably the Latin silva.

Jim Misterton was a quiet, reserved fellow, who had come straight to Paradise from a desk in some dingy London counting-house. He told us that something was wrong with his lungs, and that the simple life had been prescribed. He was very green, very sanguine, and engaged to be married a secret confided to us later, when acquaintance had ripened into friendship.