And as from day to day the Crowd thinks holds up its little class heroes, its Tom Manns and Pierpont Morgans, and sees its world through them it comes more and more to see implacably what it wants. It has been watching the Tom Mann, or Bill Heywood type of Labour leader, for some time.

"You young ones all come in and hev' some, and I'll take the baby. He can get warm, and a little of thet candy won't do him no harm, nuther." Mrs. Mann used the masculine pronoun from force of habit; all her children with the exception of Gladys were boys. Maria hesitated. She had a certain scorn for the Manns. She eyed Mrs. Mann's dirty attire and face.

It thus happened that every evening little Maria Edgham sat guarded, as it were, by Mrs. Addix. Mrs. Addix was of the poor-white race, like the Manns in fact, she was distantly related to them. They were nearly all distantly related, which may have accounted for their partial degeneracy. Mrs. Addix, however, was a sort of anomaly.

Mann's house had been a temporary expedient only; and for that matter, the Manns, following the example of most Americans before and since, had rented the place merely as a stepping-stone to something else. My father's eyes again turned with longing towards the sea-shore; but the fitting nook for him there still failed to offer itself.

At seven o'clock on the following morning a bell summoned a servant to Hubert's bedroom. Though it was daylight, a lamp burned near the bed; Hubert lay against pillows heaped high. 'Let someone go at once for Dr. Manns, he said, appearing to speak with difficulty. 'I wish to see him as soon as possible. Mrs. Eldon is to know nothing of his visit you understand me! The servant withdrew.

It was already dark by the time we were bundled out at the grimy shed which was called the depot, at West Newton, where we were met by the Horace Manns, and somehow the transit to the latter's house, which we were to occupy for the winter, was made.

She proceeded to write in the square ugly hand of a mature child, as she wrote daily year after year, keeping the diaries, though she seldom looked at them. "A.M. Talked to Mrs. H. Elliot about country neighbours. She knows the Manns; also the Selby-Carroways. How small the world is! Like her. Read a chapter of Miss Appleby's Adventure to Aunt E. P.M. Played lawn-tennis with Mr.

We had the Manns, to begin with, and the first real acquaintance between the two sets of children opened here. Mary Peabody, my mother's elder sister, had married Horace Mann, whose name is honorably identified with the development in this country of common-school education. They had three children, of about our age, all boys.

'As a consequence of something else. I shall have to tell you what must be repeated to no one, as of course you will see. Let me see, when was it? Saturday to-day? Ten days ago, I had a pistol-bullet just here, he touched his right side. 'It was extracted, and I seemed to be not much the worse. I have just come from Germany. Dr. Manns screwed his face into an expression of sceptical amazement.

'A little pain. Oh, nothing; I will see Manns to-morrow. His mother gazed long and steadily into his eyes, and this time he bore her look. 'Mother, you have not kissed me, he whispered. 'And cannot, dear. There is too much between us. His head fell upon her lap. 'Hubert! He pressed her hand. 'How shall I live when you have gone from me again?