If it was bad enough to be obliged to begin lower than he had been at Maxwell & Kip's, it was worse to condemn himself to long weary years of work in the drug business when his reward, if he remained strong and healthy, would consist merely in being able to save a few thousands. But a few lucky weeks in the stock market would win him back all he had lost and more!

What think you, Reed?" "I agree with Mifflin. The attack will be higher up. Hah! Look there!" A rift had come in the smoke, and a column of boats, moving with well-timed oars, could for a moment be seen as it came forward. "They intend a landing at Kip's Bay, as I surmised," exclaimed the general. "Gentlemen, we shall be needed below."

There was the sharp note of a warning gong, the flash of red light on the control board. They were off automatic, from here on in it was all Kip's work. Dane strapped down at the silent com-unit and was startled a moment later when it spat words at him, translated from space code. "Identify identify I-S E-Stat calling spacer identify "

He had, too, a fierce temper, and although he gradually subdued it, he would sometimes lose control of himself and burst out into a tempest of rage. When he did so he would use strong and even violent language, as he did at Kip's Landing and at Monmouth.

He galloped north, and Washington, hanging to the rear of the retreating troops from Kip's Bay, the generals met where two roads crossed, close by where Broadway now crosses Forty-third Street. Washington instructed Putnam to hurry his 4,000 on before they were irretrievably cut off from the main army. They did hurry on.

It was at the retreat of the Americans before the British, who had landed at Kip's Bay, that the unique spectacle was afforded of both Washington and Putnam acting in unison, both in a towering rage, and both attempting with all their might to turn their cowardly soldiers face-about to stand against the foe.

Built in 1655, of bricks brought from Holland, encompassed by pleasant trees and in easy view of the sparkling waters of Kip's Bay, on the East river, the mansion remained, even to our own times, in the possession of one of its founder's line. "When Washington was in the neighborhood, Kip's house had been his quarters.

Our troops, posted at Kip's Bay on the East River to defend the landing, fled in a panic without firing a gun at the approach of Howe's army. I happened to be in a company of Light Horse with General Washington, who had gone up to survey the ground. Before his eyes two brigades of New England troops ran away, leaving us exposed to capture. "The great Virginian was hot with indignation.

Next above were the grant to the Kip family, called Kip's Bay, made in 1638. In the centre of the island was the possessions of the De Lanceys. Opposite, on Long Island, was the grant of the Laurence family. We cross over Harlaem river and reach Morrisania, given to the Morris family.

Upon the bastions of this rampart several cannon were mounted. Wealth and Rank of the Ancient Families. Their Vast Landed Estates. Distinctions in Dress. Veneration for the Patroon. Kip's Mansion. Days of the Revolution. Mr. John Adams' Journal. Negro Slavery. Consequences of the System. General Panic.