There are the traces left on purpose to mislead us the jumbled-up bed, for instance; then there are the real traces, undesigned, as are these hatchet cuts. But here I hesitate. Is the trace of the hatchet true or false, good or bad? I thought myself sure of the character of these assassins: but now " He paused; the wrinkles on his face, the contraction of his mouth, betrayed his mental effort.

And then he proceeded to say it in a rather jumbled-up fashion, but very sincerely. I remember thinking at the time that he must have composed the speech in his head the night before, and rehearsed it several times, but was forgetting it in spots. When he ended with the self-same question that Jack had asked me three months before at Thrush Hill he stopped and took my hands. I looked up at him.

In defiance of the famous Teuton discipline, a certain disorderliness ran through the management of Villa Elsa. This surprised him. The eruptive way meals were served, the jumbled-up spectacle of the dining table, beds made up at any time of day, knitting and sewing going on in many rooms all this was in unforeseen contrast to the rigorous military and educational training and precision.

Oh, how fascinating I used to find it just at first before the chill came. You, too, will feel that. You will be content at first to watch, to listen, to wonder! Every type of humanity passes before you like the jumbled-up figures of a kaleidoscope. You are content even to sit before a window in a back street and listen.

The operator at some wireless station does not use his instruments to send out a lot of jumbled-up waves into the ether, but controls the impulsions into a definite and intelligible order, and we must do the same.

And coupled with this religion the girl had, of course, as have most of her class, a very distinct sense of her own importance in the world; not that exactly personally she was over-modest; a sense rather of her importance as a unit of an important family, and a deep-rooted conviction of the fundamental necessity of unimportant things: parties, and class-worship, and the whole jumbled-up order as it is.

I need not go into the details of my jumbled-up remedies; probably I should bring upon myself serious remonstrances from the Royal Humane Society, if my treatment of that unhappy man were made public.

He took in the wonderful proportions and drank of the exquisite detail in an ecstasy of delight. "Oh, great is art!" he cried in a frenzy. "Art is all! the only God!" Just then an earthquake came mumbling along and jarred the whole country loose. As the man picked himself out of the jumbled-up ruins into the dust-filled air, he encountered a lion who had lost his tail and his temper in the mélée.

The farm, as a farm, did not exist; a mass of jumbled-up brickwork here and there suggested that once upon a time, say 100 B.C., it might have been. In due time I reached the place. A machine-gun company were in possession, and I found an officer, who offered to show me over the Bosche's underground fortress.

Groody, everything ain't done in a minute everything ain't just right. I'd like to know where 'tis in this jumbled-up world not where they're housekeepers, I warrant you. "Well, as I was telling you," continued Mrs. Groody, with a weary sigh, "that summer was too much for me. I got to be a very dragon. I hadn't time to read my Bible, or pray, or go to church, or scarcely eat or sleep.