The nuns who were more commonly employed in that room, were Sainte Marie, Sainte Catharine, Sainte Charlotte, Sainte Francis, Sainte Hyacinthe, Sainte Hypolite, and others. But with these, as with other persons in the Convent, I was never allowed to speak, except under circumstances before mentioned.

This nun proved to be no other than Jane Ray, who for some fault had been condemned to this punishment. This was not, however, a solitary case; I heard of numbers who were "hung," as it was called, at different times; and I saw Saint Hypolite and Saint Luke undergoing it.

With him were associated Crémieux, a Jew; Ledru-Rollin, the historian, a Red Republican; Arago, the astronomer; Hypolite Carnot, son of Lazare Carnot, Member of the Directory, father of the future president; General Casaignac, who was made governor of Algeria; Garnier-Pagès, who a second time became, in 1870, member of a Provisional Government for the defence of Paris; and several others.

Of all the nuns, however, none other was regarded by her with so much detestation as Saint Hypolite; for she was always believed to have betrayed Saint Francis, and to have caused her murder. She was looked upon by us as the voluntary cause of her death, and of the crime which those of us committed, who, unwillingly, took part in her execution.

It had become a matter for the secret police; the coastguard or customs officials were no longer able to deal with it. Then one day Hypolite Leroux came to see me. I knew the man well a keen sleuthhound if ever there was one and well did he deserve his name, for he was as red as a fox.

A little later in the year and those flowers would outshine even the gay and splendid costume in which the baroness had hastily quitted the Chateau de Beaujardin. The unwonted appearance of a lady in such brilliant attire at once attracted the attention of Père Hypolite, who bowed respectfully as she approached him. "You are Father Hypolite, the curé of St. Sulpice is it not so?" said she.

In 1807, Stephen Grellet, an American Friend, of French origin, visited Languedoc, and held many religious meetings in the towns and villages of the Lower Cevennes, which were not only attended by the Friends of Congenies, St. Hypolite, Granges, St.

In the meanwhile I will go and inform the curé that his services will not be required at present. I will then see my daughter, and take her home." The little dwelling of Père Hypolite was at no great distance from the convent, and the baroness soon reached the small but exquisite garden, in which she found the priest busily engaged in planting out his choice flowers for the summer.

One day, near St. Hypolite, a chief centre of the Huguenot population, he convoked an assembly on a mountain side, the largest that had taken place for many years. The priests of the parish gave information to the authorities; and the governor of Alais offered a reward of fifty pistoles to anyone who would apprehend and deliver up to him the young preacher.

The town was almost wholly Protestant. The troops were quartered in numbers in every house; and the people soon became "new converts." The losses sustained by the inhabitants of the Cevennes from this forced quartering of the troops upon them and Anduze, Sauvé, St. Germain, Vigan, and Ganges were as full of them as St. Hypolite may be inferred from the items charged upon the inhabitants of St.