The first impulse kept him close to the wholesome Hoosier soil. The second is an anticipation of Robert Frost's theory of speech tones as the basis of verse, as well as a revival of the bardic practice of reciting one's own poems. For Riley had much of the actor and platform-artist in him, and comprehended that poetry might be made again a spoken art, directed to the ear rather than to the eye.

I was like the Hoosier with the gingerbread, when he said he reckoned he loved it better and got less of it than any other man." In opening the debate at Ottawa, Douglas said: "In the remarks I have made on the platform and the position of Mr. Lincoln, I mean nothing personally disrespectful or unkind to that gentleman. I have known him for twenty-five years.

In this day, branches of the old national thoroughfare penetrate to every part of the Hoosier State. The people build 'pikes instead of what are called dirt roads. There are, of course, many muddy lanes and by-ways. But they have some of the best drives which have been lifted out of the Mississippi Valley.

Finally, the Hoosier poet and the Philadelphia editor crawled through one of the basement windows and started on a foraging expedition. Of course, Field lived in a residential section where there were few stores, and on Sunday these were closed. There was nothing to do but to board a down-town car.

That bill was fixed up in Chicago, and every corporation lawyer that does business in the old Hoosier State has his eye on it. I'm not asking any questions; Lord, no! It's up to you. Grand party; that's a nice girl of Bassett's. My wagon here? All right. Good-night, Dan! Good-night, Bassett!" Harwood turned and found himself face to face with Bassett, who was loitering aimlessly about the hall.

Here lies the field of his finest victories, here and in those adjacent tracts of other books which are nearest this simple method: his representation of old Gerhardt and of Aaron Berchansky in The Hand of the Potter; numerous sketches of character in that broad pageant A Hoosier Holiday; the tenderly conceived record of Caroline Meeber, wispy and witless as she often is; the masterly study of Hurstwood's deterioration in Sister Carrie this last the peak among all Mr.

He was formerly employed on the 'Courier. It was he that wrote up the Hoosier statesmen, you may remember." Atwill nodded. "I remember very well. Those articles helped business, we could follow your pencil up and down the state on our circulation reports. I jumped the city editor for letting you go." Atwill was a lean, clean-shaven man who chewed gum hungrily.

The doors of the state courts swing inward to any Hoosier citizen of good moral character who wants to practice law, a drollery of the Hoosier constitution still tolerated.

By this means the weakness of Thatcher might have expressed itself in figures that would have deepened Thatcher's abasement in the eyes of his fellow partisans; but this idea had been discussed with Bassett, who had sharply vetoed it, and the chairman was not a man lightly to disobey orders even to make a Hoosier holiday.

Albert arose and went to the window. "Come right along, I 'low the coast's clear," said the Poet. "No, I can not do that, Gray," said Charlton, though the prospect of liberty was very enticing. "See here, mister, I calkilate es this is yer last chance fer fifteen year ur more," put in the driver, thrusting his head in alongside his Hoosier friend's.