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If she herself had followed immediately there would have been no sequel to the episode. But happening to look under the bushes, she noticed another ball, and went in quest of it. It seemed a shame to return until she had found any that might have strayed farther afield, so she dived under the rhododendron bushes, and was rewarded with two more balls.

And upstairs away up Grandfather was drinking whisky and playing the Jew's harp. And so Christmas, just as it always does, turned out all right after all. XI. Lost in New York Well! Well! Whatever has been happening to this place, to New York? Changed? Changed since I was here in '86? Well, I should say so.

Then, happening to be in Rome at the death of Bramante, he was placed, in company with Raffaello da Urbino and Giuliano da San Gallo, in charge of the Church of S. Pietro, to the end that the structure begun by Bramante might be carried forward.

People crowded around the wagon, and craned their necks to see, thinking no longer of the threats in the sky, because struck by the unexpected happening and filled with that natural ferocious curiosity which the sight of blood awakens. "He is dead? What killed him?"

Whatever was happening there was no joke to her, however funny it might be to the other onlookers. "What's the matter?" Tom asked. "Bird up there," briefly answered the nearest bystander. "She'll never get it," said another. "Oh, now he's going away," cried the little girl in despair. The contrast between her anxiety and the amusement of the others was marked.

When he had been brought to, he felt sure that he was already dead and that what was taking place with him was no longer happening in this world but in the next.

The Calico Clown shot out of his hands, and the poor toy, as he flew along, thought to himself: "Oh, what is happening now!" The next moment he fell into a deep hole, and only that he grasped the long grass at the edge of it, Jim would have fallen in himself. "Fo' de lan' sakes!" exclaimed the little colored boy as he picked himself up. "What have done gone an' happened now?"

I sprang into Mr Harvey's room to awaken him. Fortunately he had a light burning on the table. "There's something fearful happening, sir," I said, as he started up, looking very much astonished. I got down his coat and sword, which I helped him to put on. "The treachery the Count spoke of is at work, I fear, but I hope the conspirators will quickly be put down.

Clearly, thought Marcia Dayne, in the silence that followed, something big was already happening.

But the moment the officers saw what was happening they rushed forward and drove the girls back by force of arms. So far as our compartment was concerned we were more fortunate than many of our colleagues. Our soldier warden was by no means a bad fellow at heart. In his pack he carried his daily ration two thick hunks of black bread.