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But, faithless sinner, let us a little expostulate the matter. What hath this man done against thee, that is coming to Jesus Christ? Why dost thou make him the object of thy scorn? doth his coming to Jesus Christ offend thee? doth his pursuing of his own salvation offend thee? doth his forsaking of his sins and pleasures offend thee? Poor coming man!

Will not your heart comprehend the greatness of this trial, and pity and excuse a momentary wavering, a yielding irresolution? Yet it was but momentary. An hour's solitude and deep reflection fortified my heart against the grief and supplication even of my mother. Next day she was more calm. She condescended to reason, to expostulate. She carefully shunned the mention of atrocious charges.

Indeed, he only just wanted to enjoy the supernal pleasure of hearing me sing the praises of Amelie De Repentigny to the tune composed by himself." "Which you seem to have done, Angelique!" "As musically as Mere St. Borgia when singing vespers in the Ursulines," was Angelique's flippant reply. Amelie knew how useless it was to expostulate.

But my mother wrote to her also though this my father, I do not think, knew long letters that she would go away by herself to pen, writing them always in the twilight, close to the window. "Why do you choose this time, just when it's getting dark, to write your letters," my father would expostulate, when by chance he happened to look into the room.

He is one will fight first, and then expostulate, condemn first, and then examine. He loses his friend in a fit of quarrelling, and in a fit of kindness undoes himself; and then curses the occasion drew this mischief upon him, and cries God mercy for it, and curses again. His repentance is merely a rage against himself, and he does something in itself to be repented again.

And before Uncle Felix could expostulate or say a word in self- defence, the inevitable reward of his mistake was upon him. "You've got the handkerchief!" Already the boy was looking about him for a suitable tree. "But you saw the sign, Tim," he began excuses; "and it's your wood; I've never been here before " "That one looks the easiest," suggested Tim, pointing to a beech.

Then she added: "If you have any influence with Duff Lindsay, it may be news to you that you can exert it with advantage to keep him from marrying a cheap ethereal little religieuse of the Salvation Army named Filbert. It may seem more fitting that you should expostulate with her, but I don't advise that."

He had been for some time perfecting his information about a few of the families in the neighbourhood; for he was a bit of a gossip, and did not turn his landlady out of the room when she came in with a whisper of news, in the manner in which he had turned her out when she came to expostulate about the table. But she knew her lodger well enough never to dare to bring him any scandal.

Jealousy does not reason; and I soon understood that we would no longer be able to live in common, and that I must look elsewhere for shelter. But my friend gave me no time to do so. "Coming home one Monday night at about eleven, she notified me to clear out at once. I attempted to expostulate: she replied with abuse. Rather than enter upon a degrading struggle, I yielded, and went out.

He had been using strong language, according to the Cardinal, in opposition to the scheme, while still in Spain. He therefore advised that his Majesty, concealing, of course, the source of the information, and speaking as it were out of the royal mind itself, should expostulate with the Admiral upon the subject.